Regiondo and Expedia®, A New Cooperation

regiondo and expedia cooperate

Yesterday we announced a new cooperation with Expedia®. Learn more about the advantages the Regiondo and Expedia Cooperation brings to your business and how you can connect to Expedia Local Expert today.


As you may know, Expedia®  is  a worldwide leader in full-service online travel. They offer top rated expertise and professional assistance in booking events, tours, fun activities, special attractions, ground transportation and other services to their consumers in over a thousand destinations around the world.

With our newest cooperation, Regiondo is now integrated with Expedia and brings new opportunities for Expedia customers to book real-time Tours and Activities with Regiondo clients.

‘’With the Expedia cooperation we can closely follow the customer journey and directly present potential holidaymakers with various offers for activities at their destination,” says Oliver, CEO of Regiondo. ”We can reach millions of holidaymakers and establish the offer of real-time and last-minute bookings of events and activities in the leisure industry even more.”

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By connecting to Expedia Local Expert, your offers could be listed among the 25,000 other activities located in over 1,000 destinations worldwide. That means more traffic for your online ticket store, more sales, and more opportunities for you to grow your business.

Our new API integration ensures that Regiondo clients and mutual tour and activity partners, as well as Expedia consumers, enjoy new benefits. These benefits include real-time tour and product availability, no more hassles with overbooking, enhanced ease and accuracy in the booking process and much more.

Retailers also benefit by having the ability to unlock last-minute deals, customize their own capacity for individual offers, and manage all their bookings through their own Regiondo account.



You can easily connect your Regiondo account to Expedia Local Expert, today. For full instructions, visit our Knowledge Base article, How to Connect to Expedia Local Expert.



We’re excited to bring you this new cooperation and happy to hear from you. If you have any questions, feedback, or need help connecting your Regiondo account to Expedia Local Expert, Contact us.

You can also check out our Knowledge Base for more helpful tips and information on all things Regiondo.




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