How Sport Pirates Grow Sales with Regiondo

Sport Pirates is one of the premier outdoor activity companies in Munich. They offer things like rafting, kayaking, snowshoe tours, and other experiences within Bavaria. With customers like BMW, Telefonica, and Danone, Sport Pirates sell to both businesses (team building) and consumers (group tickets).

The Problem

Sport Pirates knew that many of their customers prefer to book outside normal working hours. This could be very early in the morning or late evenings when nobody was in the office.

So they needed an effective way to accept reservations 24/7 and not miss out on any potential revenue.

In addition, Sport Pirates wanted to centralize their booking management – whether sales come from the website or offline through phone calls. This makes it much easier to track and compare different channels, as well as handle customer communication. 

And this is why Sport Pirates decided to try out the Regiondo booking system for outdoor activities.

The Solution

Now, the first thing that happened was migrating from Sport Pirates’ old system to Regiondo. This was an easy process thanks to our customer success team. They handled the integration of the Regiondo booking system with the Sport Pirates website so the new ticket shop looks and feels natural. 

sport pirates rafting screenshot

This is how the ticket shop looks like – complete with the Sport Pirates branding, colors and logo. 

In fact, we asked CEO David Burger about the integration and this is what he had to say: 

“Our customers are completely unaware that the booking system is by an external provider. Regiondo is integrated into our website perfectly so most people think that we built the system from the ground up.”

Once the integration was in place, the customer success team helped Sport Pirates with moving across their offers and start accepting payments through their new ticket shop. 

The Results

In the end, this partnership created a number of advantages:

1. New revenue – people can book any time of the day, bringing additional sales to Sport Pirates.

2. Reducing administrative tasks – creating and managing bookings in a single system removed some manual tasks and automated others. For example, offline and online sales are tracked in one place so team members don’t have to consolidate data anymore.

3. Lower costs – instead of developing a solution internally and maintaining it over time, Sport Pirates were able to use Regiondo out-of-the-box with minimal upfront and ongoing costs.

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