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Adrenalin, Action and Adventure – get it all from Munich’s Sport Pirates – 100% bookable online of course. The friendly Bavarians have made a name for themselves with outdoor activities and explain how the Regiondo booking system has made them even more successful than before.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How Regiondo makes your work easier
  • Why the Sport Pirates opted for Regiondo
  • What the booking solution’s decisive advantages are

The founders and executives of Munich’s Sport Pirates had long been aware how important a good online presence is for a business. As such, it was an obvious step for them to decide to offer online ticketing. In early 2016, they switched from their existing reservations system to Regiondo. One of the three directors, David Burger, explains in our interview what drove them to make the switch and how Regiondo makes their working lives easier. “For us, Regiondo means simplifying our internal process, saving costs and increasing our revenue.”

1. Why did you choose an online ticketing solution?

With an online shop, our offers can be booked 24 hours a day. Most of our customers are using the web after work and comparing lots of different offers. As such, this allows us to generate lots of bookings outside normal working hours.

That obviously has a highly positive effect on our turnover.

2. How important is online ticketing to your business?

The proportion of bookings made online is 100%. Even if a customer calls to make a booking, the booking is made through our online ticketing system. As such, we were looking for a booking solution that could create all bookings centrally. Regiondo was able to make a completely convincing case for itself with this functionality.

3. How did the transition from your old solution to Regiondo go?

Clearly, it was a major step to switch from one system to another. The decisive factor is the support you get from the new provider. Regiondo really impressed us in that respect. We received very effective support and all questions that arose were dealt with perfectly.

As such, the Regiondo implementation went very smoothly, with no problems. Regiondo reduces our workloads significantly and makes it possible to book our offers around the clock. As such, it’s the perfect system for us!!

4. What effects have you noticed since the change and how do have your customers reacted?

We have particularly noticed that Regiondo is set up for international customers, as we have more and more inquiries in English and more and more English-speaking customers. That obviously has a positive effect on our sales.

Our customers are generally completely unaware that the booking system actually belongs to an external provider. Regiondo is integrated into our website perfectly so that most people think that the system belongs to us.

5. Can you sum up what Regiondo means for you?

For us, Regiondo means that our services are bookable 24 hours a day around the clock. It makes our working lives easier, as many administrative steps are handled by the system and therefore don’t need to be done manually. In addition, the booking solution helps us to automate our processes and reduce our costs, for instance as we don’t need any accounts receivable function for instance. Regiondo handles all of that instead, which makes it perfect for us! Would you also like a booking solution that simplifies your workload while helping you to reduce costs and increase your turnover by up to 30%? We’ll be happy to advise you on your options with a no-obligation discussion to allow you to make the most of your website in the blink of an eye.

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