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Think global, act local. Such a wise saying and still holds true.

Since our start in 2011, we have expanded to new markets and territories. As the leading booking software in Europe, in order to offer a smooth experience to our customers, we kept our promise to our business partners by improving our software each year.

But 2018 is a special year for us. We closed new partnerships and introduced new payment options since the beginning of the year. And as of July, we are going international and introducing 4 new languages to strengthen our position globally. Those new languages include; Turkish ( Türkce), Russian ( русский ), Chinese ( 中文) and Japanese 日本語 )


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It is a fact that we are all more comfortable when we read and speak in our local languages. According to Forbes, 72% of customers prefer to make a purchase in their own language and remember: English is not the primary language in 57% of the fastest-growing markets. 

Another interesting study called  Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites”  says that if we do not find our local languages in global websites, we are less likely to shop from them. It also highlights the importance of localization for global websites. If you have a website and your customers are coming from all over the world, only having English website and English offers will eventually create problems.

For tour and activity companies, there are easy ways to solve this issue such as:

  • working with tour guides who speak your customers’ language;
  • have a website that is translated into your visitors’ local languages; 
  • localize the language that is presented in the user interface of your cloud-based products.


Going Global with Local Importance in Mind

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We have also expanded our platform to accommodate more currencies, more payment options, and languages so tour & activity providers all around the globe can join the Regiondo family.

Our introduction of new languages shows our dedication to our long-term strategy of being a global activity booking software. Our business partners are delighted to serve their customers in their local languages.


Highlight on the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market

regiondo payment options


The Chinese outbound tourism market has become the largest in the world, with more than 130 million overseas visits being made last year alone.

Earlier this year, we have also introduced new payment options such as Alipay ( China’s largest mobile payment platform)  and WeChat Pay in order to serve better our customers. And now with the new language versions, our business partners can start offering tours and activities in all those languages we support.








We are not only international when it comes to our software, we are also an international team. Did you know that our customer success team currently delivers support in 5 languages ( German, English, French, Spanish, Italian) and our sales managers are able to communicate and walk you through our system during a demo session in those languages as well?


If you prefer to see our system in action and learn how you can also offer your tours and activities in different languages to increase your sales, start your free 30-day trial now.




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