Regiondo Pro Tutorial: Your supplier account – Part 2

In the first part of our tutorial, we provided you with an overview of some of the features of the Regiondo Pro supplier account. We’d now like to set out the remaining functions, so that you are fully equipped to get up and running with your online shop.

After explaining the basic functions of the Regiondo Pro supplier account in the first part of our tutorial, we’d now like to use the second part to present the remaining features. Among other things, you’ll learn how to set up and configure your online shop and how to generate more revenue with your offers.

So join us on another journey into the world of the Regiondo supplier account.

2. Menu functions (Part 2)

Manage Offers

In the ”Manage Offers“ section, you can seamlessly manage all offers available via your online shop and adapt your settings. Here, you can create individual offers, enter the appropriate translations for a multilingual shop, and select additional distribution channels such as Viator or Mydays. In addition, you can use this tool to place your offers in categories, set advance booking periods, or define the questions that will be asked of your customers during the booking process.

Increase Sales

This menu item gives you the option of creating your own coupon and discount codes. These are particularly suitable for short-term discount campaigns. They allow you to specify whether a discount should be valid for all offers, or only for a particular offer. In any event, you can specify how many times the voucher can be used.

Ticket validation

If you click on the ”Ticket validation” menu item, you can redeem your customers’ tickets and check their validity. In addition you can upload your own barcodes for your cash registers and use a separate overview to see all previously validated tickets.


The “Settings” menu item allows you to adjust your account settings to suit your personal requirements. You can enter your personal data here, and adjust the individual order settings to suite your customers. If more than one person uses the system on your behalf, you can also set up a multi-user access and specify the access permissions for multiple users. Similarly, you can administer all financial aspects of your shop – from invoice creation through to incoming credits. A change log is also included with this menu item, notifying you when individual offers were updated, and by whom.

Shop Configuration

The next menu item is labeled “Shop Configuration.” This is where you specify how your online shop should look. You can select how to integrate it with your website and can change the individual design to reflect your preferences. This is also where you choose which payment methods to accept in your shop. If you have chosen a booking widget as the integration method, you can configure this under the “Widget Configuration” menu item.


Last, but not least, the “Marketing” menu item provides you with the ability to connect with Google Analytics . This gives you access to all information about your visitors and the ability to use this information to expand and develop your offers further.

We hope that you have gained an effective and comprehensive insight into the features that Regiondo Pro has to offer. In our monthly release notes we provide regular updates about all new features that are added to your supplier account. This means that your online shop can develop continuously, and can be adapted to suit your needs – and those of your customers – even better.

If you don’t yet have your own online shop, we’ll be happy to provide you with more information about your options via a personal discussion.

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