The New Regiondo Ticket Scanner

Use your phone as a ticket scanner

Tour and leisure activity providers are always lacking one resource in particular: sufficient time. To reduce your work load and alleviate unnecessary stress, you can now rely on the new Regiondo ticket scanner. Turn your smartphone into a professional scanner – saving time and ensuring smooth ticket validation.

Highlights of the new Regiondo Ticket Scanner:Hier klicken und unsere neue App für den iOS herunterladenHier klicken und die Regiondo App für Android herunterladen

  • New user interface
  • Multi-language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Landscape mode
  • iPad compatibility

Fast and Accurate

Die App erkennt Barcodes in Sekundenschnelle

The Regiondo app provides you with instant barcode recognition and uses next generation scan technology to provide the best user experience. Our lightning-fast scanning speed meets the demands of busy tour providers and activity businesses around the globe. More efficient than traditional barcode scanners, our software-based scanner uses the power of your handheld device and turns it into an accurate, high speed ticket scanner made specifically for the leisure industry.

Watch as the app recognizes our barcode in seconds – for those who find things go too fast, there’s a barcode on the lower edge of the image. 🙂

With the Regiondo app, a large number of tickets can be validated in the shortest possible time, so you have more time for your customers. With intuitive and lightning-fast feedback, you’ll know in a few seconds whether or not a ticket is valid, and also receive all the booking details. This makes it possible for anyone to operate the scanner without any prior knowledge, thus ensuring a smooth ticket validation process.


Scan Any Barcode in Any ConditionDie Regiondo App kann mit verschmutzten, nassen oder abgenutzten Barcodes umgehen

We understand your tour and activity business means working out in the elements. That’s why Regiondo is capable of handling even the most challenging of codes- whether the barcode is dirty, wet, blurry, scratched, or worn and torn, the app will scan whatever you’ve got.

We tested a lot of barcodes ourselves – neither dirt, water, nor heavy creases prevent the app from validating every single ticket. 

From now on, you no longer have to go around with unreadable barcodes that you will later have to enter into the system manually. The new Regiondo ticket scanner processes every code you submit – within seconds! Give it a try – for your iPhone, iPad, or any Android device*.

Use Scanner in Any Condition

The app is easy to use and follows universal color codes so you can quickly begin using the scanner without wasting time trying to understand it. Scan your tickets easily under any conditions, and receive an immediate response: Valid tickets are displayed in green and Invalid tickets are displayed in red. In cases of poor lighting, glares, and strong sun, the app will still work and provide you with bold icons to make it visible to read even when you cannot see the colors.

If you need additional light to scan tickets in dark rooms or at night, you can use the flash from your device’s camera with just one click. So even scanning in total darkness is no longer a problem!

The new Regiondo Ticket Scanner


Let Us Know

Have you tried the Regiondo ticket scanner already? Are you satisfied, or would you like to see more features? Contact us and let us know what you think about our latest features. We appreciate your feedback!


*For Apple users, our app is available for iOS 8.0 and higher / Android users should have Android 4.1 or higher