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"With Regiondo, we can better optimise our business and spend less time on routine tasks."

Integration and customization

  • Regiondo is easy and customizable

    Regiondo is easy and customizable

    If you want to sell tickets online, Regiondo gives you the flexibility of embedding a white-labeled booking widget in your existing website. With advanced customization options, you can fully adjust the booking platform to be consistent with your branding.

  • FareHarbor’s integration options are limited

    FareHarbor’s integration options are limited

    FareHarbor doesn’t provide embedded integrations, extended customization or white-labeling options.

Responsive and SEO-friendly

  • Regiondo scores 90%

    Regiondo scores 90%

    Regiondo is a simple, fast, and scalable booking platform powered by ReactJS. Thanks to responsive design and mobile friendliness, your ticketshop gets higher Google rankings and more organic traffic.

  • FareHarbor scores 57%

    FareHarbor scores 57%

    FareHarbor is based on Lightbox technology with obtrusive pop-ups. According to Google PageSpeed metrics, this results in higher bounce rates, poor mobile experience and low speed

200+ sales channels and 3,000+ integrations

Our travel agency partners and integrations with popular apps will help you generate more revenue, increase visibility and grow your business.

Flexible and transparent pricing

  • With Regiondo you are sure about your prices

    With Regiondo you are sure about your prices

    Regiondo offers transparent pricing and always displays the final purchase price. Additionally, we provide a flexible multi-price-point model that saves costs and improves ROI: the more you sell, the lower the ticket cost is.

  • FareHarbor brings hidden fees and unhappy customers

    FareHarbor brings hidden fees and unhappy customers

    Fareharbor hides added booking fees, resulting in poor customer experience. Operators do not benefit from contract duration and lose 4% -6% of online revenue regardless of their booking volume.

  • The best booking system in Europe

    Regiondo is a leading booking system in Europe used by over 7,000 operators across different verticals. We offer highly customizable booking solutions and are always happy to meet your specific needs. Regiondo team speaks your language, offers professional onboarding, training and technical support. Fareharbor is founded in Hawaii and positions itself as a booking system for touristic activities, lacking experience in other industries and verticals.

    The best booking system in Europe

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Regiondo vs. Farehabor

Learn how Regiondo compares against FareHarbor.

Country of origin
Flexible pricing policy adapted for your booking volume
Ticketshop and customization
Website embedding
Cart widget
Bundle products
Product voucher
Separate widget customization
High speed
Mobile friendliness
SEO performance
Additional booking products
Website Builder
Onboarding & support
Multi-language technical support
Customer training

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Start selling your tickets online with Regiondo!

Start selling your tickets online with Regiondo!