Release Notes 8/9/10 (Part 2)

In the first part of our Release Notes, you already received insight into our new features and improvements to the system. Now, we’d like to present you the additional new features from the last three months.


Thanks to an update, starting now, you can search for a specific ticket in your vendor account under the menu item “Bookings”, by entering the ticket number into the search box. From now on, you can also send group messages from your vendor account. This is the especially useful when all customers who have booked a specific offer on a specific date need to be contacted. Ticket and payment processing fees have been adjusted so that they can now be settled depending on the currency you use.  As of late, vouchers have been redeemed during offline bookings as well. An extra field was added for this purpose, so that the coupon code can be entered manually. The payment status of an offline booking can be changed manually, without sending a ticket or an invoice. If an offline booking was canceled, you will now receive an invoice correction automatically via email. This contains all data that you need for your accounting.

Online Shop

If a customer has booked a gift box in addition to an offer from your shop, then he can see this in the booking overview before payment and thus remove it before concluding the purchase, if needed. When a booking is processed through the Regiondo Pro ticket-shop, the proof of purchase is completely adapted to the design of your personal shop. It also contains all relevant information such as your adress and logo.

Technical Matters

There is now an additional field in which the customer enters additional information that is relevant for you. This information will be automatically forwarded to you so that you receive an email with this information. The real-time performance of your booking overview in your provider account has been improved so that it is now directly updated at each booking and with every update.

Bug fixes

If you perform an offline booking, as expected, you receive an email notification and the booking will be displayed in the overview as you desire. If a customer selects a specific date for his booking, then you will be informed of this via email. Once you have confirmed this date, there are no more unwanted changes. When you sync your online calendar with Regiondo Pro, it now shows your currently available offers two months in advance.

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