Release Notes December 2017

Our team works continuously on our booking system in order to simplify your business and make your life easier. Learn about the latest updates and new features Regiondo has to offer and how it helps you stay on top of what matters the most.

This edition of Release Notes includes:

  • Setting up Early Bird prices
  • Using your own PayPal account for payments
  • The option to include a payment button in the confirmation mail
  • Hungarian as a new language for your Dashboard
  • A new option for your customers when buying multiple gift certificates
  • Attendee lists – now also available as PDF download

Setting up Early Bird prices

early-bird-ticketsEarly Bird tickets may be a way of pushing sales for you. In essence, it means offering a lower price than usual as a reward for customers who are buying your product earlier than the average customer does. This option gives you a chance for more planning reliability regarding your own season thanks to the bigger time span in between booking and visiting your compay.

To create an early bird ticket, simply go to Manage Offers > My Offers and pick the offer you would like to change.

Tipp: You may want to also push your early bird prices up  to make them more visible in your shop. You can also select your early bird price as ‘main price’ if you desire, to enhance them even more. You can find everything you need to know about Early Bird prices in our Knowledge Base article.

Use your own PayPal account for payments

You can now also use your own PayPal account for the whole payment process. If you are using PayPal as a payment method, you will receive your money instantly in your PayPal account. Besides that, you do not have to pay the payment processing fee for transactions via PayPal when you connected your own account. The System usage fee will be separately and accrue as usual.

To connect your PayPal account, simply go to Shop configuration > payment options in your dashboard to find your payment options. For more information on payment processing through PayPal check out this article. We also recommend checking out our article on all our payment options .

Include a payment button in the reservation confirmation mail

You now have the option to include a payment button into the reservation mail for the customer. Select this option under add a booking in your Dashboard by ticking the option ‘with payment link’ in the shipping part of the booking process.

Note: This option will only be selectable if you selected ‘Reservation (no payment now)’ as payment method in step 5.


Hungarian available as new language

Hungarian joins the list of available languages for your dashboard. We offer 8 different languages now. To find out which languages we support, click here.

New option for customers when buying multiple gift certificates

If customers buy more than one gift vocher they will now have to decide themselves whether they want  x seperate gift certificates, or one gift certificate valid for x people.
You won’t have to set up anything for this as this will be shown automatically in your shop. This article shows you how to do it.


Attendee lists now available as PDF Download

Attendee lists are very useful for your events and for the organization of your guides. Now you can download the attendee list as a PDF file besides XLS and CSV files to individualize your process more on your own. Click here to get all the information about how to create and download an attendee list.



Have you already started using these new features or would you like to know more about how they work? Contact us and let us know what you think about our latest updates. And be sure to keep a look out for the next set of Release Notes. We’ve been busy all summer making Regiondo the best it can be, so we have a lot more coming your way!

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