Release Notes March 2018

New features and updates! We’ve been working hard in March to provide you the latest and greatest version of our booking solution. To keep you updated, we present to you the newest edition of Release Notes of March 2018 covering our new POS functions, a bundle upgrade and interesting overviews of already existing features.

This edition of Release Notes include:

    • New tax invoice – new design, clearer, better
    • Point of sale – make reservations and redeem gift certificates in your POS
    • New printing option – use your own printer to print A4 tickets besides BOCA tickets
    • Bundle function – offer your customers the possibility to remove parts of your bundle
    • Overviews – we created overviews for still existing features
    • calendar – customize the colors of your calendar view in your dashboard


We listened to you and improved our billing process. The result is our new tax invoice. We created an article in our knowledge base for you to show you all changes and improvements. For example some of these positions have changed:

OLD wordingNEW wording 
Canceled tickets – Fraud
Dispute fees
Canceled tickets – Refund: value voucher Refund fees (value vouchers)
Canceled tickets – Refund: money Refund fees (online refund)
Credit Memo the medium of Offline Payment Methods Processing fees (offline payment)
Operations with own Online Payment Processing fees (own online payment gateway)
Credit Memo the medium of Online Payment Methods Processing fees (online payment)

Click here to go to our knowledge base article about out new tax invoice. If you have any questions or improvements please feel free to tell us!


The point of sale (POS) is a very important feature of our booking solution. With the help of our clients we are continuously improving our POS functions. In this month we created two new functions for your POS booking process.

Click on the function to be directed to our knowledge base articles. 


So far, you had the option to print tickets via BOCA PRINTER. Now we improved this solution by adding a new printing option. Hence, you can decide between the following options: NO PRINTER, BOCA PRINTER, A4 Printer.

To sum it up we created a knowledge base article about ‘which printing options do I have?‘. You can also click here to go to the article.



Since we introduced bundles, we are always looking for improvements. The bundle function was one of the top five new features last year but that does not mean that the function is not updating anymore. Digitalism means fast changes and for us the mission to improve our functions constandly. Some of our customers required less static bundles for their customers. No sooner said than done! Now your customers can decide whether they want all products in one bundle or not.

Single activities can now be removed by customer from bundle. The bundle price won´t be affecting. Imagine you have a bundle of three activities and if the customer does not want to have the third one, the customer can remove the activity from the bundle and the bundle price won´t change.

Click here to get all the information you need about our bundle feature.


With our booking solution you can send a lot of different messages to your customers. For example offer information, feedback or reminder. Also you can modify the PDF files like tickets or vouchers in your dashboard. Here you find a list of important overviews which can help you to manage your communication with your customers:

Overview about …


To offer a white label solution means to offer lots of customization options. We did a step forward and created the possibility to change the color of your dashboard calendar.calendar

Which colors can be modified?

    • Capacity utilisation
    • Assignee
    • Category
    • Product

For further details on which colors are modifiable and how to do it in your dashboard take a look in our knowledge base article.



Have you already started using these new features and updates or would you like to know more about how they work? Contact us or leave a comment below to let us know what you think about our latest updates. And be sure to keep a lookout for the next set of Release Notes. We always have something new and exciting coming out! 🙂

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