Release Notes: New Regiondo Features and Updates

Regiondo Release Notes September 2017

Our team works continuously on our booking system in order to simplify your business and make your life easier. Learn about the latest updates and new features Regiondo has to offer and how it helps you stay on top of what matters the most.

This edition of Release Notes includes:

  • Our New E-Mail Editor – Now you can customize your automatic emails sent to your customers
  • Direct Calender Bookings – Simplify your bookings and save a lot of time
  • PDF Editor – Customize your Gift and Value Vouchers
  • September Cleanup – We got rid off the old dust and added helpful new features!


Great news! With our latest update to the E-Mail Editor, you can now individualize the emails you send to your customers in 9 languages. To begin using this new feature, simply go to Messages > Email Editor.

What emails can be personalized?

Now, you can customize every email sent automatically to the customer. Our new feature enables you to define the subject and the title of the emails, as well as cutomizing the text of the emails your customer will receive.

We’ve even added a list of the placeholders you can use in your emails. When the email will be sent out, the codes will be switched into the correct customer information. Feel free to use them!

You can now individualize all your automatic E-Mails

How can I set the delivery time?

Now you can set an exact time for the delivery of your mails Usually, the delivery time is set up as “immediately.” However, you have the possibility to set scheduled delivery times (useful for the Product Review emails for example).


This function is available in the enterprise-package. If you want to know more about the capabilities of your Regiondo package, contact us.

DIRECT CALENDAR BOOKINGS- Simplify your bookings

From now on you can book directly through your calenderAnother new feature we are happy to announce, is our update to Calendar Bookings.

Now you can add a booking directly in your calendar, while also keeping a clear overview on your availabilities at the same time.

When you’re in the Calendar, you can choose your desired time slot and easily add a booking directly by simply clicking on “Add booking,” without having to go back to the Bookings section. Pretty cool, huh? Yes, it’s the small things in life 🙂

PDF EDITOR- Customize your Gift and Value Vouchers

With our PDF Editor, you can not only edit the tickets your customer will receive but also the Gift and Value vouchers. You can now customize according to the offer they are linked to and in 9 languages. To start using this new feature, simply go to Shop Configuration > PDF Editor.

There, you can adapt the text in your vouchers and upload a backcover of your choice! Your customer will receive a customized voucher for each product you’re offering.


In order to make things clear and simple, we’ve cleaned up the Regiondo Dashboard a bit. You’ll now be able to find the ticket validity, cut-off time and the offer display settings where they belong:

NEED SOME HELP? Make your way over to our Knowledge Base and find out more about recent updates, new features and about all things Regiondo.


Have you already started using these new features or would you like to know more about how they work? Contact us and let us know what you think about our latest updates. And be sure to keep a look out for the next set of Release Notes. We’ve been busy all summer making Regiondo the best it can be, so we have a lot more coming your way!

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