How Hamburg City Sailing Uses Regiondo to Organize Their Business

Hamburg City Sailing offers scenic river tours along the River Alster, with beautiful views of this famous port city. Jürgen Jacobs, an avid sailor since the age of 10, took over the management of the company in January 2019. He took the company over as a complete bundle – ships, skipper, landing stage, and also Regiondo as a booking system.

The Problem

Before the implementation of Regiondo, bookings, resources such as boats and skippers were organized via Excel. The Hamburg City Sailing would input data into a spreadsheet, which often led to errors and duplications. What’s more, management of the sailing boats was also done manually, which often meant limited flexibility and delays that impacted customer satisfaction. 

Implementing Regiondo – Pros and Cons

Jürgen was kind enough to also share his opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of using Regiondo. Here’s the summary: 


  • Real-time availability – booking slots update automatically as new sales are recorded
  • Customer database to keep track of contact details and notes
  • Multi-user so everyone on the team can use it without much training
  • Possibilities for process automation using Zapier


  • No independent employee administration tool

The Results

The online ticket shop enables customers to book 24/7 and receive instant confirmation – no more going back and forth with emails. Resource management was also a huge benefit. The sailing boats were assigned to specific tours, which helped the team to organize availability and prevent overbookings.

“It works and it’s everywhere!”

 Jürgen Jacobs, CEO 

And the best bit? Jürgen can access Regiondo anywhere, anytime, and with any device – even from the sailing boat! 

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