How Trabant Berlin Boosted Online Sales with Regiondo

trabant berlin switches to online booking system

The Trabant (also known affectionately as the Trabi) is synonymous with Berlin. This vintage car was the most common vehicle throughout East Germany from 1957 to 1990 and maintains a cult-like status today with tourists queuing up to participate in Trabi tours around Berlin. Trabant Berlin saw an opportunity to take advantage of this demand and started to offer city tours and transport for events across this hip and sprawling city. 

The Problem

The company started with 1 vehicle and grew to own a fleet of 35 cars, able to accommodate up to 140 people. Unfortunately, their way of working did not match their rapid business growth! Calendar apps and spreadsheets were used to record all reservations, and long email threads were written to discuss and confirm bookings. The time had come to upgrade to a more efficient and professional booking system. 

With more inventory to sell than ever and limit sales capacity, the management team was unsure how they could expand their market reach. Their employees were working non-stop on administrative tasks and confirmations so there was no time to focus on outbound sales, nor the reporting capabilities to derive business insight. 

Trabant Berlin has a huge variety of tours and equipment on offer. However, with no central system in place, the team was not able to take advantage of its diverse products and struggled to adequately explain their offerings to potential customers. 

The Solution

When the time came to choose an online booking system, Head of Marketing Katerina von Krieke decided to go with Regiondo. 

The first step was an initial sales consultation which allowed Trabant Berlin to lay out their requirements. The Regiondo team helped Katerina to decide on a pricing plan which corresponded with their needs and budget. 

Then came the free trial! This gave Katerina the chance to see if she found the software intuitive and the right fit for her company. The onboarding process allowed for 1 on 1 training and access to a wide variety of online sessions on each of the features Regiondo has to offer and helped with uploading all of Trabant Berlin’s packages.

Trabant Berlin Regiondo online booking system calendar

With Regiondo’s Channel Manager, tour companies are able to expand their sales reach by connecting with over 200 sales channels. The next stage of the implementation process was to connect existing accounts from online marketplaces such as Viator, Google Reserve, and TripAdvisor.

Regiondo also provides clients with the opportunity to include several different languages on their booking system. Once Trabant Berlin’s offers were uploaded to the system, they were able to select the ‘translation’ option to their desired languages. 

Once the offers are up and running, the next step is to take advantage of marketing and reporting capabilities. Not only does Regiondo automate and centralize all client communications, but it also connects ticket shops to various social media channels – increasing awareness of the brand. 

The online review system allows tour operators to collect reviews directly from customers and encourage TripAdvisor feedback. Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking also provide operators with ways to continuously improve their online performance. The in-depth reporting features allow tour operators and activity providers to make relevant business decisions based on concrete data. 

The Results

The team at Trabant Berlin appreciated the simplicity of Regiondo. The ability to confirm bookings with a couple of clicks was a life-saver that allowed the team to spend more time enhancing their product offering. 

Connecting to the Regiondo Channel Manager was one of the top features for Trabant Berlin. The ability to connect with all major booking partners led to increased growth in revenue and market reach. Receiving all bookings from partners through the same system allowed the team to work more efficiently 

The wide array of reporting options available on Regiondo gave the management team an in-depth overview of the business. By analyzing all of the data available, they were able to take the right actions to boost their sales even further.

Using Regiondo has allowed the team at Trabant Berlin to clarify the services that they are providing to clients. They have a clear overview of what tours are offered when, and are able to succinctly sell their products to potential clients..ultimately leading to even more revenue!

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