How Venice City Tours is Generating New Revenue Despite COVID-19

Do you own a tour or activity business that is struggling to make a profit during these difficult times? Are you losing some of your customers and finding it hard to keep in touch with your existing ones? 

Even though you might be thinking it’s all doomed, we can prove you wrong! In fact, some tour companies are already making a switch in their business model to keep going. 

Today, we’ll present the story of Venice City Tours that have quickly found a way to adapt to the situation. Find out how the benefits of digital technologies made a difference for them. 

Venice City Tours and the benefits of digital

Venice City Tours is one of the premier tour operators in Venice. They help people discover the immersive history of the city through one of a kind experiences and excursions. 

Venice City Tours website

As you might already be guessing, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to stop operating for the foreseeable future. Following the new rules in place, Venice City Tours came up with an interesting idea to fill up the revenue gap. 

They decided to make the most of online channels and offer a different kind of experience to their audience. So they hired Diletta Scandiuzzi – World Champion of Original Tiramisu – to host an online Tiramisu class and teach you to prepare it at your own home.

 Now the efforts of Venice City Tours employees are focused on actively promoting the class.

How classes work

The Tiramisu class will be held online and so bookings are also made digitally. Registrants who go for the food package option will receive all the ingredients prior to the class. Last-minute bookings without a food package are also possible 24 hours prior to the class. With them, you will be able to enjoy the experience and learn from the pastry chef for €30 only. 

Each class has a limitation of 5 households participating and continues over the course of 1 hour every day.

Classes are managed by 2 moderators – the person who is running the class and the moderator on the chat & support. The Tiramisu class is currently taught in English but questions can be answered in both Spanish and Italian. 

In addition, Venice City Tours are planning new classes such as: 

  • How to Create Your Own Venetian Mask
  • A Painting Class using Watercolor Paints
  • Wine Tasting Class
  • How to Cook Authentic Pasta

So they are now exploring opportunities in a new field that could prove to be very profitable. 

How Regiondo Can Help You During COVID-19

1. Software and distribution

To make the online Tiramisu Class happen, Venice City Tours have partnered with Regiondo. You might be wondering what exactly is our role. Well, first and foremost, our software helps distribute the class online on their website and thus encourage sales. We also refer the class to some of the most popular OTAs and help Venice City Tours promote it on social media. Learn more about Regiondo.

2. The Regiondo – JSMD Group Competence Center

In addition to our software, we are working on more tools to help your business during this challenging time. We have recently launched a free consulting service available online. 

This is a new initiative by Regiondo and the JSDM Group offering the time and advice of their employees, experts in fields like design, customer experience and marketing. This service is completely free and aims to assist you to explore new ways to generate revenue. You can learn more about the competence center here.

3. Online Seminars and Exclusive Content

We also organize regular online seminars and meet-ups for our customers and partners to exchange knowledge during the crisis. Last month, we covered multiple topics including Legal, HR and Digitalization for tours, activities and DMOs. 

If you want to participate in a future event, follow us on Facebook for updates on upcoming events. 


Following the example of Venice City Tours, travel and activity companies should be encouraged that there are still opportunities for them. Extending businesses online helps reach out to new markets and potential customers.

Since people are currently spending most of their time at home, they would love to invest in learning new facts and skills. That is why DIY classes, language lessons, e-tours, and workshops would surely attract good engagement. What’s more, digital channels are a great platform for presenting and promoting these new activities.

We at Regiondo are more than happy to help you recognize potential opportunities for your business. You can learn more about the Regiondo – JSMD Group Competence Center and request free advice from one of our experts here.

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