Here’s Why the Fragrance Museum in Cologne Uses Regiondo

Cologne is famous for its beautiful cathedral, non-stop carnival atmosphere, and the globally acclaimed Eau de Cologne. The Farina family has manufactured this renowned scent for over three centuries, and visitors to the city can learn the story behind one of the world’s most famous perfumes at the Fragrance Museum.

As one of Tripadvisors’ top attractions in Cologne, the Museum needed to find the perfect ticketing solution to cope with their high customer demand.

The problem

A top Tripadvisor ranking comes with its own difficulties. More and more visitors wanted to buy tickets and without an online system, they were unable to fully capitalize on the demand.

The team at the Fragrance Museum knew they needed to implement a ticketing system to ease the load in the long run, but they didn’t have the time to learn the intricacies of complicated software that would detract from their daily tasks of creating the on-site experience. The keyword here was ‘simplicity’ – the solution they would eventually choose had to be easy and intuitive.

What if the employees at the Museum had questions? There needed to be a strong support team for any queries that would inevitably arise in the first few weeks of using the software.

With an already established brand and online presence, they did not want to start from scratch in order to incorporate a ticketing system or spend extortionate amounts of money on development. It was essential that the software would easily integrate with their pre-existing website, thus reducing extra costs and keeping a unified brand presence online.

As the Fragrance Museum receives lots of international visitors per year, they offer guided tours in seven languages. This meant that every single one needed to feature in the booking system, allowing visitors from around the world to book without the help of Google Translate! The chosen solution would have to create a smooth and easy experience for all website visitors – no matter their native language.

The Solution

When it came to choosing the right ticketing solution, Johann Maria Farina, CEO of Farina Cologne, decided to try Regiondo.

The Regiondo dashboard is not only easy on the eye but also very easy to use. The calendar gives you a one-glance view of all confirmed bookings so you don’t need to spend time digging through your inbox for information – key for the Fragrance Museum team!

Regiondo’s support team is often praised on review sites. Clients can check out support articles or watch online tutorials if they need an answer to a simple question. Alternatively, they can give the support team a call for more in-depth assistance.

Worried about branding? The Ticket Shop can be integrated directly with an existing website using Iframe so no need for developers or extra code. With the Shop Editor feature, the design can be easily customized so it doesn’t stand out for all of the wrong reasons!

One of the advantages of using an online ticketing system is that customers can book from anywhere in the world. With 11+ languages currently available on Regiondo, there are more than enough options for the Fragrance Museum!

The Results

From day one, the team at the Fragrance Museum found Regiondo to be intuitive and easy to use. They were able to save time that would normally be spent doing admin work and responding to email ticket requests. This allowed them to put even more effort into creating the best on-site customer experience possible.

With Regiondo’s ticketing software, customers are able to book tours in a number of languages. This not only opened up the sales funnel and led to an increase in daily bookings, but also created a fantastic customer experience. The booking flow is clear and uncomplicated – providing a high-quality sales journey and leaving the customer feeling positive about their purchase.

An added bonus? With the Channel Manager feature, the Fragrance Museum was able to connect with over 200 sales channels including Viator, GetYourGuide, and Google Reserve, with all bookings arriving in the same system.

By solving all of the headaches that the team at the Fragrance Museum were facing, Regiondo has enabled them to continue providing their visitors with excellent customer service.

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