Success Story: From Cameraman To Grill Master

Learn how one man went from working behind the camera to working in front of the grill and living out his greatest passion and dream- owning and operating a successful grilling school.

Regiondo is proud of its customers! We’d like to share their success stories with you and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Let’s start with the Ingolstadt Grillschule, a training school teaching students how to barbecue.

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The History of the Grill School

The story behind the Ingolstadt Grillschule (Grill School) is anything other than run-of-the-mill.

As well as being an entrepreneur, the school’s founder, Helmut Bräuherr is a trained cameraman. While editing videos professionally, he often caught himself daydreaming about his greatest passion: barbecuing. As he searched for training courses and classes in the art of barbecuing, it quickly became clear there was nothing to offer in the Ingolstadt area, and that the closest barbecue courses in nearby Munich were booked out several months in advance.

This was the inspiration behind his next big move: opening a barbecue school!

Hauled Over The Coals

What started out as a crazy daydream gradually built momentum so that Helmut was able to bring his idea to life around two years ago. He later brought another star barbecue chef, in the form of experienced gourmet, Armin Stangl, on board.

Ingolstadt-born Helmut was able to secure the first customers thanks to his extensive network of contacts as a cameraman, enabling him to focus his full attention on preparing the course and winning new business. Over time, more and more potential customers learned about Ingolstadt’s first and, so far, only barbecue school. It quickly became clear that managing offers and booking wasn’t something that could be done entirely offline, as a result of which the requirement for suitable booking software arose.

When asked why he originally selected Regiondo, Helmut Bräuherr explains “With Regiondo, you can see everything on the invoice, which I need for my taxes. Additionally, enhancements are implemented very quickly.” Since Regiondo started supporting him in administering his offers, the grilling school has offered around 90 courses annually. With over 700 bookings already in 2017 alone. This former cameraman has completely transformed his passion into a career and now devotes all his time to the Ingolstadt Grillschule.

”With Regiondo, you can see everything on the invoice, which I need for my taxes.”


Smoke Signals for the Future

The next step for the Ingolstadt Grillschule is a search for a fixed, indoor location so that all courses can be offered throughout the winter as well. The demand is certainly there, as the business’s two owners continue to face an overwhelming demand for bookings.

After a second location began courses at the start of this year, the aim is now to become Bavaria’s best barbecue school by obtaining a fixed location. How do the pair keep an overview of all their appointments? With the Regiondo calendar! This provides a good overview but also shows plenty of relevant details. We’ve just improved our calendar, as well, to make it even easier to use.

Success By the Numbers

The Ingolstadt Grillschule has only been a Regiondo customer since early 2016, but the extent of its success over this period can be seen already. Following a doubling of its revenue during the period, the owners can look back at 100% revenue growth and will soon be turning their dream of a permanent location into reality. They’ll also be opening a small barbecue accessories business so that customers can take home the tools they’ve just used during their experience. When asked what attracted him to Regiondo in the first place, Bräuherr said,

“We were won over by the fact that Jochen Schweizer uses the same solution.“

Let Us Know

We hope you found a few helpful tips in our article. We’d like to wish the Ingolstadt Grillschule much success for the future and tons of fun grilling.
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This is an original post by Robert Fink, adapted in English by Christina Quintanilla.

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