4 Tips for Successful Email Marketing as a Leisure and Activity Provider


Email Marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Nevertheless, this channel is often overlooked. Our tips will help you find the right entry and to inspire your customers.

Learn in this article how to:

The advantages of email marketing

Customers or guests who sign up for your newsletter are interested in receiving information about your company and your offers. So, they are a particularly valuable target audience and the reason why e-mail marketing is worth it.

Newsletters are ideal for increasing customer loyalty, as new customers become returning clients. By regularly sending e-mails, you instill memories of your offers in the minds of your customers, hence enticing your offers for them to buy again and again.

However, your newsletter must be designed in an interesting and entertaining manner. With the right software, a newsletter is drafted quickly and can also be sent to specific audiences or to a specific selection of customers.

How do you go about it now that you have decided to take this route; including e-mail marketing activities?

1. Choose the right email marketing software

There are now countless tools on the market that can help you send email campaigns. The most popular one is MailChimp, which allows you to send e-mails to up to 2,000 recipients for free. You also create, through a simple modular system, quality content and easily manage your database.

Generally, you need a suitable software that has the ability to manage your contacts, segment lists and easily imports new data. In addition, campaigns planned in advance or on other tools can be integrated. It is also important to have a function that allows you to measure the results of your campaigns and compare different campaigns.

A newsletter software that includes all these features is the ideal basis for successful email marketing.

2. Create the correct email lists

Before you send a newsletter successfully, you must first convince your customers to care for it.

The top priority is, therefore, to bring as many of your customers or your potential customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Offer your customers something in return, such as providing a free ebook or voucher, for them to sign. Also, make sure that you place it on your website or as a pop-up on which people can sign.

Once you have a sufficiently large cadre of email addresses available, it is important to make contact regularly to ensure you don’t lose their interest and attention.

3. Send the right content

Once you have the right email marketing software and the corresponding lists available, the remaining task is sending the right content.

Keep in mind, your client will receive many newsletters from companies like yours.  Therefore, sending other information that interests or entertains your customers is the key. How about, for example, use a “Behind the Scenes” narrative that asks your subscribers to press and hold on a page to see your company or your team? This gives your business a personal touch and builds a long-term relationship with your customers.

You can send photos on your previous trips, or interesting information on topics related to your offers. Inform them about forthcoming events and their dates, not as a form of direct solicitation, but to encourage them to attend. It is important that you convince your customers directly using the subject line of your email. Be deliberate, concise and to the point, so as to arouse the curiosity of your customers.

4. Look for the right timing

A good newsletter can backfire if it is sent at the wrong time even if it is received by all subscribers.

Think about when your audience is most likely to retrieve their e-mails and set up your campaigns accordingly. Thanks to the right tools, it is also possible to schedule your emails so that they are automatically sent on weekends or after office hours without you having to be it active online. All these tips will help you find the footing for successful e-mail marketing.

Ideally, you also need a supporting booking tool, which allows you to export data. For example, you should be able to move lists containing your customer contact information. With Regiondo Pro, you are all sorted out with this tool at your side.

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