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An all-in-one booking solution means above all that it can be individually tailored to all players in the industry. This brings many challenges from a software developer’s point of view! But with the increasing number of challenges, the number of beneficiaries also increases. With every new blog article of our series “Successful with Regiondo”, we introduce a new provider from the leisure industry to you in order to present you with the limitless versatility of this sector. I have traveled to Hamburg on this occasion to visit leisure providers in the Hanseatic city.

We kick off this series with the impressive success story of Melanie Vetter. She is the CEO of and an enthusiastic tour guide. But that wasn’t always the case:

A bookseller becomes the founder of a city guide business

Melanie’s professional journey started as a bookseller because it reflected her favourite interests. However, after a few years, the time came to try something new. So she took her first step into the tourism industry by joining the staff of a cruise ship. Due to a lack of personnel and her extensive language skills, she was able to gain her first experience as a tourist guide as an interpreter during this time.

Back in Hamburg she slowly dared to move forward and founded her own company. While she gained further experience in the famous Hamburg Dungeon, she set up her website and in 2017 decided to take the step towards complete self-employment.

Shortly after the launch of her website, Melanie gained a lot of popularity because the domain itself quickly drew the attention of visitors to her recreational offers. Then it soon became obvious that the administration of her business without a booking system takes too much time and that the organizational complexity is increasing steadily.

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After a thorough investigation, she chose Regiondo as her booking solution. Her goal was and still is to automate the booking process for her customers to avoid having to use the telephone to make bookings or Excel to manage them.

In the decision-making process for a booking solution like Regiondo, ease of use is of the utmost importance. Melanie found Regiondo to be intuitive from day one and was able to use the dashboard to its full extent. She implemented the ticket shop in different ways on her website to get the best out of it. The customer can decide to book through the calendar widget or the ticket shop. She also wins her customers from the very beginning with excellent customer reviews

I was also very happy about Melanie’s positive feedback about our Knowledge Base and the offered online seminars. Our dashboard allows us to provide our customers with the latest links to Regiondo’s new features and events – and Melanie’s positive feedback motivates us even more!

Pros and cons – be honest!


  • Easy to use
  • Good range of services
  • Hosting in Germany
  • Connectivity to distribution channels


  • Long waiting times for connection to GYG (due to GYG)


Since she has been using Regiondo as a booking solution, she only accepts bookings via telephone in exceptional cases and has been able to automate her processes as far as possible. Since bookings from other distribution channels such as Viator end up directly in your Regiondo Dashboard, it also reduces the time it takes to manage online bookings via other channels in your daily business. This not only saves time but also keeps the focus on the core business – and this is ultimately what matters :).

Melanie offers unique city tours in Hamburg. Among other things, she offers tours along the infamous Reeperbahn or discovery tours in Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt with a visit to the Elbphilharmonie.

What makes unique is the possibility to book tailor-made tours. How does it work?

You are a group and already know exactly which places and spots of the Hanseatic city you would like to learn more about? Simply book a tailor-made tour, provide Melanie with the necessary information and you’ll get your own individual guided tour of Hamburg. To discover all of Melanie’s tours or book them directly, simply visit

When we met, I had the chance to see Melanie at work. In a cozy little group of 5 participants, we learned everything about the Elbphilharmonie and went to its platform to enjoy a breathtaking view. This way we could marvel at the details up close and of course also smile at them (it is still the Elbphilharmonie we are talking about here).

Due to the private atmosphere, each of us was able to ask questions directly and to stay longer where we liked it best or where most of the questions arose.  Melanie answered all questions with know-how and charm and even as a native of Hamburg I was able to learn a lot of new things.

To sum it up: It was a really nice encounter with a satisfied customer, who at the same time was able to bring me closer to her own ideas of an all-in-one booking solution. The tour was, of course, the icing on the cake, as you can see from the pictures. 🙂

Do you happen to be in Hamburg soon or are you a Hamburg native? Then don’t hesitate to book your next city tour in Hamburg at and let Melanie give you a first-hand impression of the gateway to the world.

We at Regiondo would like to take this opportunity to thank Melanie very much for taking part in our first Successful with Regiondo story and look forward to the next visit!

Have you ever booked a tour with Melanie or would you like to know more? Please feel free to leave us your comments 🙂

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