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During my trip to the most famous port city of Germany, I was able to visit Melanie from Fuehrungen-Hamburg and also other customers of ours. From the world-famous port of Hamburg, I went to another, very famous body of water: the Alster.

In Hamburg, the German beer and lemonade drink “Radler” is also called “Alsterwasser” (Alster water) – a reference to the river.

Surrounded by the beautiful vegetation of the Outer Alster, we met directly at the pier, where the ships of our next story depart.

There I met Jürgen Jacobs, the owner of Hamburg-City-Sailing, more specifically the new owner.

It was not until January 2019 that he acquired the company from his predecessor, Mr. Büsch. Being a passionate sailor since he was 10 years old and having gained experience in the industry over the last 20 years, Mr. Jacobs had the opportunity to take over.

He took the company over as a complete bundle – ships, skipper, landing stage and also Regiondo as a booking system. The main reason for the introduction of Regiondo as a booking system is the simple option to digitize the booking route for the customers.

Before the implementation of Regiondo, bookings, resources such as boats and skippers were organized via Excel. This arrangement led to a high-risk factor with little flexibility. Through Regiondo, it is now easy and, above all, possible to organize all these factors jointly, regardless of location.

“It works and it’s everywhere!” – Jürgen Jacobs

The fact that you can access Regiondo anywhere, anytime and with any device (as long as you have access to the Internet) for him is one of the biggest advantages of Regiondo as a booking solution.

At Hamburg-City-Sailing you can go sailing on the Outer Alster for about 100 Euro – for 2 persons! Click here to book directly.  The trip takes about 1.5 hours, during which you as a guest can see the breathtaking city of Hamburg from a unique, new perspective.

In addition to the regular trips, for which the weather is the most important factor, special trips are also offered, such as a trip the night of the cherry blossom festival. On this evening a spectacular fireworks display will be set off over the Alster – this view must be indescribable!

I didn’t get a chance to admire the boats because it was still too cold – but I’ll be back!

Pros and cons – be honest!


  • The Regiondo Dashboards are available everywhere
  • Availability – administration
  • Customer database
  • Multi-user
  • Possibilities for process automation


  • No independent employee administration tool


Whereas Melanie’s connection to the various sales channels plays a major role in customer acquisition, the recommendations made by friends/relatives or by local institutions such as hotels and other accommodations play a major role for Hamburg-City-Sailing.

Due to the various possibilities of automation, he is on the right track with Regiondo, as automated processes are the key to his growth in the coming years.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jürgen Jacobs for his time and very useful information. I was very appreciative and as soon as the weather allows it I will make a sailing trip on the Outer Alster with pleasure.

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