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12 Tourism Trends That Will Shape the Travel Industry in 2022 and Beyond

With travelers’ desire for new experiences, the rapid global technological advancements, climate change, and other dynamics, the travel and tourism industry is constantly transforming. Having experienced an all-time high in the past decade, with 2018 recording the highest international tourist arrival, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the sector is now undeniably faced with […]

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10 Ideas to Help Differentiate Your Tours in 2021

Whether you’re in the start-up phase or you’re entering year 10, running your business requires innovative tourism ideas to remain competitive and take advantage of current travel trends. You need to be ready to give travelers around the world what they’re looking for when they book their next trip. From providing the tours your customers are […]

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5 Ways to Create an Innovative Tourism Experience

There are a lot of tour companies out there who have cornered an emerging market. Japan Halal Day Tours takes Muslim tourists for food tours, something that often isn’t an option for them. Recently, people have become more interested in discovering their roots. What can someone do when they find out they are 96% Polish? […]

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The Rise of Bleisure Travel and How to Make the Most of it

Over the last few years, there’s been a growing trend around business travel. People are starting to mix their work trips with leisure, also known as bleisure travel. This trend presents a new opportunity for tour and activity providers. The growing bleisure segment largely consists of both millennials and more experienced travelers. Both groups have […]

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Health Tourism in the EU: Facts and Figures

Health tourism has been around for thousands of years since the third millennium B.C. In fact, people in ancient Mesopotamia traveled to the temple of a healing god or goddess in Tell Brak, Syria to heal eye disorders. Greeks and Romans also traveled by foot or boat to spas all over the Mediterranean. And now people […]