5 Crucial Technical SEO Tactics To Improve Your Rankings

You know you need to improve your Google search rankings. After all, more than 60% of all leisure travelers search for and make travel arrangements online. And so you are aware that if you want these searchers to find your business, you have to appear in the first few search results on the first page on Google. You may be wondering, then, what you can do besides continuing to crank out lengthy content, which works, but takes considerable effort and quite a bit of time. You also need to work on technical SEO.

Basically, technical SEO is all the SEO work besides actual content creation and promotion. It provides the necessary undergirding that will allow your content to do its job – that is, to rank high for relevant keywords and phrases. So let’s take a look at 5 crucial technical SEO tactics to improve your rankings.


1.Basics First

SEO Technical

Good technical SEO begins with the basics. That means, first of all, make sure your website is hosted on secure servers because this aspect will affect everything else. Your server or servers should be reliable with little to no downtime, as well as being extremely secure as proof against hacking and data loss.


Google watches these things, and, as a result, they can affect your rankings. If, for example, your hosting servers frequently go down and/or go down for long periods, your rankings will suffer. Besides, potential customers won’t be able to find you during such events. And if your site is affected by malware or is hacked, you could get blacklisted and removed entirely from search results. You definitely want to avoid this to happen.


2.Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Technical SEO More than 50% of all online searches come from mobile devices.Consider also that in the leisure industry, mobile bookings currently account for about 40% of all digital bookings, and that figure is expected to top 50% by 2021. It is essential, that your site is responsive and mobile friendly. Google now favors mobile-friendly sites, which means it is a key element of technical SEO.

Google Analytics is a great tool to follow your customers’ journeys and analyze your entire website. Make sure to read our blog article about how to master Google Analytics.


3.Enhanced Load Speed

People now expect instant information and instant gratification. According to Google’s own blog called “Think with Google”, almost half, at least 40%, of consumers will abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load. That’s why in 2010 Google announced page load speed as a ranking factor, and that they would penalize websites that did not comply with it.

Enhancing site load speed, then, is one of the 5 crucial technical SEO tactics to improve your rankings. And here are a few ways to improve load times:

  • Use only essential WordPress plugins and get rid of anything that isn’t really necessary.
  • Optimize images and graphics by compressing them – Tiny PNG is a great tool for that!
  • Try using a content delivery network (CDN) to enhance your site’s speed and performance.

You can also check your current page speed loading statistics on this helpful website from Google.


4.Crawlable Architecture

Another good technical SEO tactic is to make sure your site’s architecture is crawl friendly. If it takes a visitor more than, say, three or four clicks to reach a particular piece of content, Google’s spiders will take longer to crawl your site and index that content. And, as a result, your rankings will suffer. So you need to categorize content in such a way that it takes only a click or two to access it. An easy way to start with categorizing your website content  is by creating sitemaps.

Technical SEO

5.Crawl-Error Free

Besides making it easy for Google spiders to crawl and index your website, you also need to eliminate any crawl errors. Broken and incorrect links are the chief culprits here, which usually result in a “Not found” crawl error. Remember: one of the primary objectives of technical SEO is to make it easy for Google to find and index your content and then lift you up in their rankings. One of the best free tools out there to check your broken links is a Google Chrome extension called Check my Links.




Content may be king, but no king can rule effectively without the support and assistance of many others. And that’s what technical SEO does. Once you’ve got all the SEO pieces in place and your site is ranking high, people will find you and your tour and activity offerings. Then, you need a booking software to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. Regiondo is a premier provider of just such booking software.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any point.

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