Release Notes 2/17 (Part 1)

We always strive to give our customers the best service and performance from our software, that’s why we work day and night to improve our system. We’re happy to release the latest improvements and updates of Regiondo Pro.

Find out how Regiondo Pro has improved over the past few months. We added many great functions to make managing your business easier than ever before. There are so many useful updates, we had to split the release into two parts. Here’s part one.

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Major Improvements

Calendar View and Managing Bookings

We know the Calendar is your most essential tool for management and is used daily, therefore we made major improvements to make your work easier for you. We decreased the page load time by making it ten times faster. And you now have faster navigation throughout the calendar thanks to the usability improvements made by a calendar which was added on the left side. With the calendar on the left side navigation, when clicking on a date in this Calendar, it will load the relevant Month / Week / Day view depending on which view you are in. With these improvements, you may navigate faster and easier from Calendar View to Appointment View. We also implemented new filters by products and resources. When hovering over the main calendar and clicking, a pop-up box appears and you can view your product as well as the number of participants, resources, and the capacity linked to that product. You can also edit the number of tickets and the capacity in this view.

Manage Participants

Another good thing, is that we made it easier for you to manage more in Bookings. You may now directly message all participants of an appointment directly from the calendar. Each participant will be informed separately via email and text message, and can easily reply.

Alter and Cancel Bookings

You may also alter all bookings, and have the possibility to change or propose an alternative appointment to all participants in Booking Overview. You should only change an appointment if all participants already agreed to the change. If otherwise, you may propose an alternative and the participants will receive an e-mail with your request. They can individually accept or decline your request, and you will be notified via email or may view this directly in your account.

Cancelling all bookings is also an option if an alternative cannot be found.

When you have an order with several tickets, you now have the possibility to cancel just one ticket, several, or all.

Manage Resources in Calendar

To make things easier on you and more clear, Calendar appointments will now change to red once a resource is fully booked. A summary box will pop up on the calendar, showing the number of resources available.

Customer Database Added

In order to give you a better overview to help your marketing activities, a customer database was added. You may now see all customers, their email, phone number, company name, the products they’ve purchased, reviews by them, and their last booking.

It is essential to know who your customers are and how you can serve them better, and our customer database helps you do exactly that.

Review Express API

Tnooz recently reported TripAdvisor secures a tenth of all online travel traffic. With Regiondo Pro’s preferred partnership with TripAdvisor’s Review Express, this is a unique opportunity for you to boost your sales and your ranking on TripAdvisor! Thanks to a new update, when you connect to our Review Express API, your customers participate automatically and are included in this traffic. You may now connect to TripAdvisor Review Express in your Regiondo Pro Dashboard, under Messages, in Customer Notifications, by clicking on the checkbox to enable the connection.  You can read more about the connection here. 

Let Us Know What You Think

We’ve been working hard day and night, so you can see why we’re truly happy to release the latest improvements in Regiondo Pro. But if it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for us! Give us your feedback, we love suggestions.

And there’s still more, stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!

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