The top features in 2018 at a glance

The time has come again – another year is drawing to a close. For many an occasion to review the year once again. Also at Regiondo a lot has happened in the year 2018 and above all has been developed! Therefore we would like to briefly summarize our TOP functions and updates from this year.

January: New payment methods, currencies and languages

In January we heralded the new year with new payment methods. Among others, WeChatPay and AliPay complement the portfolio of payment methods of the Regiondo booking system.

Customers have different preferences regarding their preferred payment method. Especially Asian tourists prefer the mobile pay providers WeChatPay and AliPay. As a provider, you can benefit from higher revenues for this target group if you offer other payment methods.

When the Airport Munich introduced payment with AliPay last year, sales by Chinese tourists rose by 92% in the first three months. After this huge success, there was no doubt that WeChatPay would also be established.

The choice of means of payment also includes the presentation in the preferred currency in the respective national language. For many customers, especially if they are not yet travel experienced, it is more convenient to pay in their own currency and language. Regiondo offers processing for your customers in 11 languages. For foreign currencies, your booking system will take over the conversion and you do not have to take any further steps.

Click here to learn more about our payment methods.

April: Refresh of the dashboard calendar

In April, we completely renewed an existing function. The dashboard calendar has been relaunched with a new look and many useful features.

Since the Dashboard Calendar is one of the core functions of our system for many of our customers, this update was a big concern for us. The new view, combined with the new features, allows our customers to perform their tasks even faster and more easily.

In our Knowledge Base we have described all the functions of the Dashboard Calendar.

September: Upgrade of the Regiondo Scan App

Our goals are always to optimize the processes of our customers so that they can serve all facets of the leisure market with our product. Of course, we also know that the customer journey does not end as soon as a customer buys tickets in your ticket shop.

In September, we took a closer look at our Scan App in order to improve the on-site service and to improve and extend the existing functions. The Regiondo Scan App validates your tickets on site, no matter if your validation device, i.e. an iOS or Android device, is online or offline. In addition, you can define scan restrictions in advance in order to scan only selected offers or product variations.

Click here to get more information about the Regiondo Scan App

October: Additional implementation possibilities through new widgets

Each website of our users has its own individual requirements for our booking system. In addition to our proven booking widget, we implemented a new widget in October: The calendar widget. With the help of this widget, your potential customers will be able to see the available dates even more clearly and without further clicks. You can decide individually how you want to show your customers the availability of the calendar widget. This means that you can, for example, integrate the availability of a product for the whole week or even for a whole month into your website.

With the help of widgets, for example, you can place the booking route for individual offers on your website. In addition, it is now possible to add availability and booking route using the calendar widget and reviews using the review widget.

We have also listened to your feedback and found a way to integrate customer reviews into your website. As reviews are becoming increasingly important when shopping on the Internet, we have developed a review widget. With this widget, it’s easy to bring your reviews to your website. Reviews are a very effective way to convince customers of your offers. Simply select from which offers you want the reviews to be displayed and customize the widget to your website. This widget completes the Regiondo rating model and allows you to professionally manage your customers’ ratings.

Your customers’ ratings are valuable content to convince potential customers of your offers.


Der Ablauf des Regiondo Bewertungsmodells
The procedure of the Regiondo review model

Find out here how you can start a customer relationship management with your Regiondo booking solution

December: Customer Account

What you have certainly benefited from before are customer accounts from and co… They save you time as a customer.  Customer data is securely stored, thus automatically available and you always have all the necessary information about your bookings at a glance. “I forgot my ticket, how can I download another one now” – “What did I book recently with the leisure provider?” – “Wow, that was a great experience, I would now give a rating. What is the easiest way to do that?” – You can now answer all these questions with “in your customer account“.

We have opened the function for creating a customer account for your customers to all providers free of charge. Your customers can now open a free customer account. You can do this either by placing the link for registration on your website or your customers will become aware of it during the check-out process.

Click here for more information about the customer account

Your customers can use the following functions in your customer account:

  • Prefilled contact information and shipping data
    Download possibility of tickets, vouchers and invoices
    Simple message functions between you and your customers
    Overview of past activities and evaluations
    Verification of tickets and vouchers
    Redemption of vouchers

The customer accounts enable a completely new way of dealing with your customers and promises many more enhancements in the future to offer your customers the best possible self-service.

As you can see there was a lot for our developers to do in 2018. We thank the whole team of Regiondo for the great cooperation, the innumerable tests of new functions and the associated support. Next year we will continue to expand and optimize the booking solution for the leisure industry. Thank you for your patience, loyalty and feedback.

Click here to see all new features from 2018 at a glance

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your team from Regiondo




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