Give up the Good to Go for the Great: Tips for Transitioning to a New Booking Software

Transitioning to a new booking software can be a bit of a headache. Our overview will help you decide which booking software is best for you.

You have to be aware of the fact that the new system won’t be the exact same as your old one. There might be some different features or processes that change the way you work.

The good news: This is your chance to find a solution that meets all of your expectations and makes your daily work easier.

With the right solution and a dedicated team by your side, the transition runs smoothly and you can go on with your daily business straight away. To select the right software provider, we’ve examined the most important factors that should influence your choice.

1. List key features that make your life easier

Think about what you expect from your new reservation system and how your new reservation system should make your life easier. Creating a detailed list helps you to keep those factors in mind during your decision process. This list should be the basis for your choice.

We also recommend you to list all features and online tools that are integrated into your current booking software. You need to make sure that your CMS system, Google Calendar or Google Analytics is compatible with your new software. Compare that list to the feature lists of all the software providers you are looking at. Don’t compromise here and choose the software that meets all of your expectations.

2. Development is the key

It is important for you to choose a software provider who stays up to date and knows the specific needs of your industry. A system that is too general or isn’t developing over time will cause problems in the near future. Check the internal updates of the providers you are considering for your business. If they publish information on new releases, features or collaborations on a regular basis, it is a good sign that they are eager to grow and to keep improving.

3. Don’t go for the cheapest option

The cost might be the most important point when choosing a new software. That’s why some provider praise to be the cheapest in the industry. Keep in mind that, besides the obvious charges, there might be hidden costs such as excluded payment fees, extra costs for crucial features or shop translations.

Make sure you consider the monthly fee, all commissions and ask for a detailed pricing plan while comparing the software. Be careful with cheap or even free alternatives. Usually, you will have to work with a very basic system with no service at all. In the long run, it’s far more cost-effective to work with a dedicated team that understands your needs and helps you make your life easier.

4. Choose your team to work with

When choosing a new booking software, you don’t just select the software itself. You also choose the team that stands behind it and the service that comes along with it. Especially during the transition, it is essential to have someone at your side helping you with your questions. With online experts that know your specific industry by heart, you will be taken to the next level of selling online.

5. Know your options and compare!

To make sure you choose a provider offering all you need, check online platforms like Capterra or Getapp. The platforms collect all relevant information for you and provide customer reviews. A company with a good amount of positive reviews from their customers is most likely a good choice for you.

6. See the system in action

Now that you exactly know what you need, you should request a free individual demo for the top 3 to 5 booking software on your list. Let the system be introduced with regards to your specific requirements. Ask all the questions that came into your mind during your process of collecting information.  A demonstration helps you to see if the software is user-friendly and if meets all of your expectations.

Regiondo is a booking solution that was created especially for tour and activity operators. Our team is more than happy to help you with your choice. Find out what our booking solution can do for you and schedule a time to chat about your options.

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