Virtual Reality for Activity Providers – Hype or Actual Business


There was a time when virtual reality was just a concept and people referred to it as the technology of the future. Time moves fast, the future is now and we live in a world where some of the best technology companies are harnessing the power of virtual reality. Among many other industries, virtual reality for activity providers will especially kick off. Tour and activity providers are serving a lucrative market with their 2020 revenues estimated to be at $70 billion.

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Activity Providers Need to Embrace Virtual Reality

virtual reality for tour providers

There are very few industries in the world that revolve around “experience” and activity providers are a part of those few industries. In the past, virtual reality was always considered a technology for gamers and game developers. However, the recent statistics have shown that it is the tourism and adventuring industries that can benefit the most from this technology. It’s not just the suitability of virtual reality for these industries that make the use of VR inevitable, but it’s the customers who want this to happen. When asked about where they think virtual reality will play the most important role, 74% of the consumers responded that they want VR to be integrated into the adventure and tourism industry.

These statistics prove that activity providers should be keen to make virtual reality a part of their business offerings.


It’s All About Customer Experience

Customer experience is now the main focus for businesses of all types. Regardless of whether you provide services or retail products, you must provide your customers with an experience that will make them return. The standards and requirements for creating great customer experiences will vary from business to business. The biggest common factor, however, is having a digital strategy to provide your customers with a memorable experience. Of course, you will have to combine your digital strategy with great service to win your customers’ hearts. For amusement parks and activity providers, if used innovatively, this technology offers a great chance to create loyal customers. VR can enable them to offer customized experiences, whether in a roller coaster or in an indoor skydiving area. Especially since 2017, VR became a profitable part of experience tourism.

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Virtual Reality for Activity Providers

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to how activity providers can use VR. The first and foremost use of VR is in the marketing department. Say goodbye to the conventional methods of marketing and adopt the new ones that are closer to the hearts of the customers, and get their attention immediately. Don’t hesitate to participate in a tradeshow and give customers a short glimpse of how their experience will be while hiking on a beautiful and remote trail, riding a bicycle on the beach, swimming with dolphins or climbing a mountain. Even if you do not implement VR directly to your business, use it creatively in your social posts. Facebook is a great platform to grow your engagement with your customers and soon it will allow you to share 3D posts with the help of VR technology.

Marketing using VR videos is quickly becoming a trend; one that can set your business apart from the competition. If you are already into social media marketing, take advantage of virtual reality videos to get the attention of your followers and create a unique experience for them. A great feature of the best social networking platforms is that they now allow you to create and upload 360-degree videos, e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You don’t necessarily have to upload videos—you can also take pictures and stitch them together to create a 360-degree experience for your existing and potential customers.

You should also consider creating a smartphone application and providing your customers with access to VR videos from the app. VR headsets are no longer a novelty, and the basic headsets can be bought for more or less than $100. You can also make VR headsets and other equipment available at your brick and mortar locations. Give your customers the experience of being on a roller coaster or riding a boat in rough waters. Once they’ve had a small taste, they won’t be able to resist having the real experience.

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VR Alone Is Not Enough

The most important thing for you to realize as an activity provider, is that introducing VR into your marketing strategy is not enough. Ensure that a customer’s journey with your business is memorable from start to finish. Regardless of how unique your VR experience is, if your customer service isn’t satisfactory, your customers will not return. In addition to that, you will need to have a solid digital strategy to reach out to the most potential segment of your target audience.

So, before you consider virtual reality as part of your marketing strategy, you will need to create a compelling website and make it visible on the internet through various digital marketing strategies. You will also need to pay attention to social media marketing, this is where the most potential audience resides. In addition to your marketing efforts, you should also offer customers something special in the form of discounts. Let them use discount coupons to take advantage of your special offers. Rewarding your loyal customers instills loyalty in the rest of your customers as well.

Use social media for rewarding your best customers. The rewards should not be a financial burden for you. A reward can be as simple as uploading a video of your loyal customer doing some adventurous activity on your social media profile. Of course, you have to make the ticketing process a breeze for the customers too. You can make the ticketing process simpler for your customers only when it is simple for you, so you should make use of a well-recognized and proven solution for creating your online ticketing portal. When it comes to creating a user-friendly ticketing portal, there is no better option than Regiondo.

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Let Us Know

Let us know what you think of VR, are you already using it as a tour or activity provider? If you’ve been under the impression the use of VR is just hype, you’ll have to make second considerations. Virtual reality for activity providers is definitely real and something you cannot dismiss as a passive trend. VR is now a main focus for technology giants such as Google, Samsung, and Apple. This proves VR is evolving and will change businesses over time. Lastly, focus on customer experience, and you will automatically see improvements in every aspect of your business, online and offline.

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