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Create a booking website and reach your customers online to generate more sales and grow your business. No coding required!

Built for online bookings

  • Simple to set up

    Simple to set up

    Creating your website is as easy as ABC – the set up will take you a couple of minutes.

  • Fully customizable

    Fully customizable

    Put your business in the best light by adding your logo, content and images.

  • No coding required

    No coding required

    You don’t need an IT specialist to create and maintain your website.

  • Your own domain

    Your own domain

    Use your own domain name to build your brand, gain trust and confidence from your customers.

  • Add multiple languages

    Add multiple languages

    Reach new markets by translating your website into multiple languages.

  • Responsive design

    Responsive design

    Modern and mobile-friendly templates make your website look great on every device.

  • How to create a booking website?

    • Pick one of our ready-made templates to start building your website.
    • Customize it with your content, logo, images and color schemes.
    • Launch your online store in minutes and use built-in marketing tools to expand your reach.
    • Manage all your bookings from the all-in-one dashboard.
    How to create a booking website?

Built with Regiondo.

  • Driving online revenue

    BubbleBoat partnered with Regiondo to create a fast and scalable website and promote unforgettable BBQ boat trips in France.

    Driving online revenue
  • Selling unforgettable experiences

    Entarifa used Regiondo’s website builder with booking system to grow their revenue by offering unique whale watching tours in Spain online!

    Selling unforgettable experiences
  • Upgrade your website with fully integrated apps

    Unlock the potential of your website with the integrated App Store! Easily add essential tools such as analytics & tracking, SEO, automation, live chat and much more. Elevate your website's functionality, drive growth, and empower your business to succeed.

    Upgrade your website with fully integrated apps
  • Reach travelers online

    Reach travelers online

    Build a professional website with booking system to let your clients instantly find you, view your availability, book trips online and ultimately expand your reach!

  • No-code website builder

    No-code website builder

    Choose one of pre-made templates and add your own content. Our intuitive constructor adjusts all components automatically – no dev time required.

  • Optimized for marketing

    Optimized for marketing

    Optimize your website on the fly, connect your favorite marketing tools and adjust SEO settings to rank higher in search engines.

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  • Native integration with Regiondo tools

    Your website is natively integrated with Regiondo booking system. Sell tickets online, accept payments, view sales reports, manage your offers and customers – all in one place!

    Native integration with Regiondo tools
  • Website Builder with booking system that powers your business!

    Fast and scalable hosting

    Fast and scalable hosting

    Fast and scalable hosting
    Enterprise-grade security

    Enterprise-grade security

    GDPR ready

    GDPR ready

    Dedicated support and onboarding

    Dedicated support and onboarding

    Extensive resource center

    Extensive resource center

    Fast and scalable hosting

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I create a boking website without developer skills and programming knowledge?

    Yes, with Regiondo you can create a website with booking system from scratch without any coding at all. Our website builder comes with intuitive dashboard, responsive or mobile-ready templates and easy-to-use customization tools that help you launch your business online without IT specialist’s help. Additionally, our onboarding and customer success team will guide you through all stages of web development process. 

  • How long does it take to build a booking website?

    Your website will be up and running within a couple of hours. With Regiondo, you can speed up the web development process by 50%-70%.

  • Where will my booking website be hosted?

    Your website will be securely and reliably hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Can I customize website templates?

    Yes, you can easily customize templates or create new ones by uploading your logo, photos, videos, and content, along with embedding your booking widgets and unique offers.

  • How does Regiondo’s solution compare to other website builders with booking systems?

    Quick and simple development process

    As opposed to WordPress and other platforms, Regiondo offers a no-code or low-code approach for the customers willing to launch their own website. You can choose from ready-made templates and use our visual editor to customize your content. Our users state that the development process is 2 times faster with Regiondo website builder.


    By choosing Regiondo, you also receive free AWS hosting and SSL encryption, booking widgets, advanced security features and outstanding technical support. It’s easy to get your website up and running in minutes and start selling your tickets online!

    Top performance and SEO optimization

    Build a mobile-friendly, responsive and high-speed website that will help you rank in Google and get organic traffic! Thanks to our unique technologies and algorithms, your visitors will always be able to find your business online and order your products and services from any device.

    Multilingual website

    Would you like to attract International customers? With Regiondo you can build a website with support for up to 10 languages, edit translations and increase your reach.

  • What technologies are used in Regiondo website builder?

    We are using React – an open-source JavaScript library perfect for building beautiful, responsive and modern user interfaces. React is used by most of the modern websites and features stability, speed, and flexibility.

  • What’s your pricing policy?

    Regiondo’s website builder with booking system is available for a small monthly subscription fee. To learn more about our pricing policy and get a free recommendation from our experts, please contact our sales team.

  • How will people find my website?

    For your potential customers to find you, you’ll need to rank for search results for certain keywords in search engines. Here are a few options for you to get started:

    SEO optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a key role in getting organic traffic from Google. Our recommendation is to create unique engaging page titles and descriptions, optimize your content and images, use keywords in your URLs, and create a simple and efficient website structure.

    Content strategy

    Create fresh, unique and informative content that is useful for your audience. For example, if you offer cooking classes, you could start a recipe blog; if you provide city tours, write posts about interesting sights in popular cities. Content is one of the key factors in your SEO performance.


    The name and the age of your domain plays an essential role in your website promotion. Choose a domain name that includes your brand name or keyword you would like to be associated with.

    Additional promotion

    Include a link to your website to your social media networks, share your website address with your existing customers via email or messengers, or find other engaging ways to inform your audience about your new website.

    These are only some of the issues that may influence your marketing performance. Please note that it may take a couple of months for your website to start ranking in Google after you’ve launched it. Be patient and think about your unique content strategy that will allow you to win the competition and attract new visitors.

  • What domain can I use to set up my website?

    You can use a default Regiondo domain, purchase a new domain for your website or use a domain that you already own.

  • What kind of content can I add to my site?

    You can add text, photos, images, videos, your contact information, booking widgets, map widgets, etc.

Build your booking website with Regiondo

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Build your booking website with Regiondo