We are the Regiondo team, making the best booking system for tour and activity providers around the world

We understand your business

The leisure industry is facing its own set of challenges. Things such as complaints, returns and mass cancellations can do real damage, while back and forth communication with customers takes hours. You need to frequently update your systems in addition to your standard operations like sales and marketing. All this could be much easier with Regiondo.

Grow fast without investment costs

1. Increase Sales

You’ll gain access to hundreds of sales partners who can distribute your offers to a highly targeted audience

2. Save Resources

You will save hours of customer service and system updates with our smart booking software

3. Manage Operations

Keep track of all bookings and message your customers instantly. The process is fully automated.
Grow your tours and activities fast without high investment costs
Regiondo is the best booking system for selling in high volumes

The best platform for high volumes

No matter if you sell 50 or 500,000 tickets a year, Regiondo is built to make your life easier. Our expertise and advanced features are perfect for handling big volumes..

Enjoy better features

1. Intuitive User Interface

Your customers and staff will love Regiondo’s design. It’s easy to navigate so you can jump right in without any training.

2. Optimized for Conversions

Delight customers and close more sales with superior communication features and modern design, optimized for higher conversions.

3. All bookings in one system

The Regiondo software keeps track of all your bookings. Offline, online and partner sales are easily recorded, stored and analyzed.
Regiondo's booking system is optimized for better conversions

75% of customers book online

Use Regiondo to sell online and reach more customers

average sales growth

Regiondo grows your online business by 28% on average

average time saved

Save time and manpower towards administrative tasks by 30%

reduction of no-shows

Reduce no-shows by 25%

Love what we do, love what you do

Our team works day and night to ensure we can deliver the best booking solution on the market.
Our shareholders and partners are industry veterans with decades of experience in the leisure business and are involved with some of the biggest attractions in Europe. We’re able provide a superior solution technically and support you with advice and expertise to fuel your success.

Meet Regiondo, we are passionate about the work we do to create the best all-in-one booking system