Why the Fragrance Museum at the House of Farina opted for Regiondo’s booking solution

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“Online ticketing is a must-have feature for ticket sales – Regiondo provides the ideal way to achieve this,” says Johann Maria Farina, chief executive of Farina in Cologne. The fragrance museum is listed as one of the top 10 attractions in Cologne according to TripAdvisor. Therefore it is self-evident that they needed a ticketing solution to cope with the number of visitors.

At the Fragrance Museum, visitors experience the world of scents. The Farina family has manufactured the world-famous Eau de Cologne, for over three centuries, in the place where it was invented. When taking a guided tour through the Fragrance Museum, visitors learn how the world’s most famous water was invented and how it is manufactured. As visitors experience the essences of different fragrances, the stories and secrets of the scent world are revealed, while the historic shop provides guests with the opportunity to browse the versatile collection of fragrances from the House of Farina.

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Simplicity personified

The city of Cologne continues to attract more and more visitors. Visitors from all over Germany and other countries enjoy Cologne’s lifestyle, its cathedral and of course its famous water, better known as ”Eau de Cologne.” As visitor numbers rose, the Fragrance Museum at the House of Farina sought out an online booking system with one criterion that stood out from the rest: it had to be simple. Regiondo is built to be ready to deploy and easy to use from the outset. The major features and an overview of the latest bookings can be found in the dashboard, making the system easy to use and self-explanatory.


”With Regiondo”s booking solution, you get an easy-to-use ticketing system that works out of the box without any long implementation periods.”


A multilingual system

The Fragrance Museum offers guided tours in over seven languages. During the process of selecting a booking solution, it was important for the system to support other languages. With Italian, French, and English, Regiondo already offered a good selection of languages, while offers in other languages such as Chinese can easily be created on the basis of the English-language offering. As such, not only is the initial offer shown in the selected language, but the ticket and messages that the customer received are also delivered in the relevant language, allowing visitors from all over the world to buy Print@Home Tickets without any issues.


When a new booking system is introduced, there are naturally many questions during normal operations. Often, these questions come to light as a result of current bookings. Regiondo stands by its customers: a short call to the friendly support team always leads to a rapid resolution. From questions about bookings to the creation of offers – the support team employees already have a flexible solution that’s ready to go that meets the Fragrance Museum’s needs.


It was also important for Farina to give visitors the option of buying tickets at home and on the move – even when the museum was closed. When the day of the visit comes, the customer only needs to show the ticket on their smartphone or provide a printout. When visitors forget their tickets, that’s not a problem, either, as Regiondo’s dashboard allows users to see at a glance whether there is a valid ticket – and the customer can still complete the visit.”The Ticket Shop was integrated into our website within a short period of time, with no impact on the loading time or storage space required for our own website.”

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The option to integrate Regiondo into your own website is one of the best features. Regiondo’s Ticket Shop is integrated into the Fragrance Museum’s own website as an iframe and widget. The iframe and widget can be generated with just a few quick clicks and can be embedded into your own site, and with the Shop Editor, you can adapt the design to suit your own site, with no need for any programming skills. Online ticketing is not the future – it is already one of the most common forms of ticket sales.

The Regiondo booking system is a practical, all-in-one solution that can be integrated quickly, allowing businesses to make the most of the system’s flexibility to adapt the solution fully to suit their own requirements.

You can find the implemented ticket shop here. If you want to see our system in action, book a demo now or get in touch with one of our sales managers.


This article was written by Maria Muñoz Orantes.

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