Manage all sales from one place

With Regiondo, it’s easy to track your sales, get real-time booking data, manage and respond to your customers from a single unified platform.

  • Get real-time statistics

    Track your tickets sold and validated immediately - this is especially handy when you check in many customers or hold events at a specific date and time.

    Get real-time statistics
  • Track your historical sales

    Understand your performance over time by monitoring your traffic, revenue and bookings. This is a great way to anticipate periods of high and low demand and adjust your efforts accordingly.

    Track your historical sales
  • Compare sales channels

    Discover your most effective sales channels - whether it's your website, local resellers or OTAs. This allows you to allocate resources efficiently in the future.

    Compare sales channels
  • Manage your customer data securely

    New customer data is automatically stored and secured in your Regiondo account. You can also add customers manually and bulk import your existing contact database.

    Manage your customer data securely
  • Send custom notifications

    Get full control over communication with your customers by enabling automatic notifications. Confirm bookings, cancellations and other transactions via SMS and email - you can tailor the messages and track all notifications your customers receive.

    Send custom notifications

Gain even more insights with Regiondo

  • Google Analytics integration

    Google Analytics integration

    Send Regiondo traffic and sales data to Google's popular analytics solution using a simple integration.

  • Monitor customer reviews

    Monitor customer reviews

    Get review statistics to understand your customers' needs and wants.

  • Export detailed statistics

    Export detailed statistics

    Analyse your data in a spreadsheet format by exporting it - you can get granular and compare bookings by date, payment methods, price and so much more!

Earn more loyal customers with Regiondo

Take your business to the next level with Regiondo’s CRM functionality - it's free to get started and you don't need a credit card.