Everything you need to enable effective marketing campaigns

Everything you need to enable effective marketing campaigns

Regiondo provides the essential tools to support your promotional efforts.

  • Generate discount codes

    Win more customers by creating coupon codes. You can also bulk upload multiple codes at once, edit existing codes, and keep track of available discounts.

    Generate discount codes
  • Rank higher on search engines

    Define the key meta tags for your product and category pages to improve your SEO. You can also see a preview of how each page will look like in Google search results.

    Rank higher on search engines
  • Track your performance

    Connect your Regiondo shop to Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for easy performance tracking.

    Track your performance

More ways Regiondo helps your marketing

  • Webhooks


    Webhooks allow you to automatically send data to services outside Regiondo. Set specific triggers, like a new booking, and send information to another system like your email marketing platform or Payment Services Provider to reduce admin workload.

  • Email opt-in

    Email opt-in

    Ask customers to sign up for your marketing newsletter or other promotions during checkout.

  • Social media

    Social media

    Encourage customers to engage with your brand by adding your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to your Regiondo shop.

Reach a bigger audience with our marketing tools

Take your business to the next level with Regiondo - it's free to get started and you don't need a credit card.