Marketing activities with Regiondo

Let your potential customers know you and take care of your already acquired customers! Show your unique offers in social media, let Google know about them and improve your performances via Google Analytics.

Social Media

With your online shop integrated with social media like Facebook, Instagram, and, Youtube you’ll reach customers even while they’re talking to friends – and allow them to book your offers directly in a few quick steps.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With SEO you can create individual meta descriptions for your offers. Meta descriptions are displayed on the SERP – search engine result page and are the first impression for your customers after they entered the search keywords. Do not miss the chance to grab them just after they started to search.
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Zapier integration

Use the Zapier integration to connect your Regiondo account with thousands of useful online services. With this integration, you can manage your business even more successful and save your time.



Email Opt-In and GDPR

At the latest since the GDPR, the topic of email opt-in has become very important. Of course, we have come to terms with this and integrated every possibility of the opt-in procedure into our booking solution. It is, therefore, no problem to fulfill the GDPR guidelines with Regiondo.

Review marketing

91% of your customer read reviews and trust them like recommendations from friends and family. Reviews also increase the average of your shopping cart and your SEO position. You receive an own review system automatically with your Regiondo booking solution. Collect reviews direct from your customers and push them to get reviews on TripAdvisor.
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Use Google to improve your online performance

Google Analytics is one of your online ticket store integrations.

Google Analytics

For many, Google Analytics has become a very important part of marketing. You can integrate Google Analytics to track and optimize your website performance. This way, your online ticket store can be adjusted based on real data and suited better to your customers.

Integrate E-Commerce tracking with your online ticket store and make better business decicions based on real numbers.

E-Commerce Tracking

Use Google’s E-commerce Tracking tool to collect and analyze key transaction data for each of your offers. Learn more and make improvements based on these insights- your profits will reflect it.

Google Tag manager is a ticket store integration and lets you easily manage tags and code snippets onto your website.

Google Tag Manager

If you want to reduce technical errors or don’t have a dedicated developer on your team, the Google Tag Manager helps you easily manage tags and code snippets on your website.

Customer Communications


With the messaging function, your customers can contact you directly and you can immediately answer. Individual questions can be answered quickly and clearly so that your events can be booked without a problem.

Customer database

All of your customer information will be secure in your very own customer database. The database shows you everything you need to know about your customers.

Customer relationship management

Regiondo offers you different options to do customer relationship management. Send confirmations, reminder, review requests and review replies to your customers.

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