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When it comes to tours and activities it is very important to add a smooth waiver solution in your booking process. We released our new waiver feature precisely to enable this step for you. Just add the waiver to your offers and let the customer agree automatically. If you want to protect your business in advance because you offer dangerous or risky activities or even if you want to make sure that your customer has a specific age – the waiver is the right solution for you!


  • Save time: Saving time is always a benefit when it comes to improvements. With the waiver integration, you don’t have to handle manual signing processes and related administration. Use your time even more effectively.
  • Easy for the customer: The customer never has to sign the waiver on site or during the activity. The waiver is directly included in the checkout process and the customer just has to agree on the waiver within a checkbox. That’s it!
  • Protect your business: Make sure that your customer approved the waiver and meets all requirements from the very beginning – without any effort.
  • Digital: Stop dealing with paper on site – with Regiondo you will have the approvements online. You automatically have the information about the waiver in your booking. Also, there is a note on every ticket.
  • Fully integrated: Our waiver solution is not just a checkbox – it’s fully integrated into our booking system. It starts with the dashboard where you can decide which waiver should be displayed on each offer. When the customer accepts the waiver – the confirmation will be visible directly in the booking and also on the ticket.
  1. Use cases

There are a lot of different cases when a waiver is useful or recommended. In this section, we will show you #3 different use cases for waiver integrations.

#1. Use a waiver to confirm the age of your customer
For different activities, it is useful to confirm the age of a customer in advance. If you have offers which require a minimum age – a waiver is a must have!

#2. Let the customer confirm that they have certain insurances or licenses
When it comes to activities like segways, supercar rides, and quads, your customers need to have an insurance or license in some cases. Make sure that they have it to protect your business from legal consequences.

#3. Ensure that your customers bear the risk of the activity themselves
Great activities are not always safe and secure – there are a lot of amazing things to do with a little risk. The customers are aware of this but in case of an accident, they might forget that. Avoid this situation with the waiver integration, so that you are always sure about their approval.

Create amazing moments for your customers and avoid legal consequences at the same time!
Create amazing moments for your customers and avoid legal consequences at the same time!
  1. Conclusion

A waiver is a very useful and important integration in your booking process. It helps you to protect your business and reduce your management effort. Benefit from this integration and also save valuable time.

If you’re already a Regiondo user – click here to read in our knowledge base ‘how to integrate a waiver’.  And if you are no current customer – no worries. Click here to start your test account for the next 30 days!

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