How Airgasmo Expanded its Market Reach with Regiondo

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The scenic Austrian town of Kitzbuhel is loved by adventure seekers and spa lovers alike with its majestic mountains and luxurious hotels. It is also home to Airgasmo – a skydiving center offering jumps over the Austrian Alps.

The Problem

General Manager Alex Thomson realized that business was going well when the day-to-day administrative workload became untenable. He and his team were sending multiple emails to potential customers to confirm dates and times, and he decided to find an online booking system that would make their lives easier! 

Implementing Regiondo

When researching different options in 2016, Alex chose to give Regiondo a shot and spoke to the sales team to see how he could get started. Airgasmo were up and running in no time with help from the Regiondo onboarding team.

The Results

Online bookings increased dramatically immediately after implementing Regiondo. Clients were able to buy tickets 24/7 from around the world and they can choose which date and time slot suit them best – saving time for everyone involved!

Regiondo also allowed the Airgasmo team to control all of its distribution channels through one platform. This means sales from external distributors such as Viator, Jochen Schweizer, and Groupon, and, with Regiondo’s system, all bookings are displayed on one dashboard – providing a high-level overview. 

Alex also realized that he can sell ‘add-ons’ via his online booking system, which led to a further increase in both customer satisfaction and sales. 

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