The Bordeaux Tourism Office Increases Bookings by 27% with Regiondo

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Bordeaux Tourism is the official tourist office for the city of Bordeaux in Southwestern France. 

The organization is responsible for promoting tourism in the region, offering information and guidance to both domestic and international visitors for many years. 

As a way to support their mission and goals, Bordeaux Tourism decided to launch a new website where tourists can book tours and activities in the region. This is how Visit Bordeaux was conceived, in collaboration with Regiondo. 

The Problem

As Bordeaux Tourism planned the website, they needed an effective way to resell offers from local suppliers to tourists – while keeping development costs within budget. 

This required several elements: 

  1. An easy way for visitors to view and book offers.
  2. Secure system to accept online payments.
  3. Distribution of payout to suppliers and a way to generate commission. 

At this point, Regiondo was involved as the booking partner for Visit Bordeaux. 

The Solution 

As the new website was built, Bordeaux Tourism worked with local suppliers and Regiondo to compile different offers for its potential visitors – from wine-tasting tours to boat cruises on the Garonne river. 

These offers were included in the home page, navigation bar and across other sections of the website, maintaining the same look and feel for consistency.

Example of a navigation bar offer using the Regiondo booking system.

This made it easy for tourists to view, compare and book different tours and attractions without leaving the Visit Bordeaux website.

In addition, visitors could now pay securely online using the Regiondo booking system. This made it easier for suppliers to collect payments upfront and provided an additional income stream for Bordeaux Tourism in the form of a referral fee. 

This is how the tourism office created an efficient marketplace to advance its mission and provide a better experience for both visitors and local businesses. 

The Results

The all-new Visit Bordeaux delivered significant advantages for the Bordeaux Tourism Office. 

Among others, overall bookings increased by 27% so the region could see tangible revenue growth. 

This happened with an average basket value of nearly 62 EUR and a 4.3% conversion rate – 6x higher than the industry average of 0.7%.  

As a consequence, Bordeaux Tourism is now in a better position to support its local economy while adding a new revenue stream to support its long-term goals. 

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