How Ingolstadt Grillschule Doubled Revenue with Regiondo

Ingolstadt Grillschule was a passion project of Helmut Bräuherr, a trained cameraman from Ingolstadt, a small city 80km to the north of Munich. Like many Germans, he loves barbecuing and wanted to improve his grilling skills by taking classes. After looking online, he soon realized that there were no options to indulge his passion close to home. So what did he do? He decided to take matters into his own hands and open a grill school!

The Problem

Using his extensive network of contacts, Helmut was able to hit the ground running. As word spread about Ingoldstadt’s first grilling school, he received more and more booking requests. It quickly became apparent that managing booking confirmations offline wasn’t sustainable, an online solution was needed. He desperately wanted to have an easy overview of all the bookings and needed an online solution to help him.

Taxes can be an absolute pain, and gathering all of the correct information for the local tax office can be incredibly time-consuming. Helmut wanted software that would simplify this process and save time that could be spent promoting his business and expanding his client base.

Helmut also had an eye on the future. He planned to sell merchandise to his clients that would help them show off their newfound skills. Any solution that allowed him to incorporate selling add-ons into the booking journey would be a great benefit. 

The Solution

When it came to choosing the right online booking solution, Helmut decided to try Regiondo. Why? Jochen Schweizer, the market leader for experience vouchers in Germany, also uses the software – a pretty good endorsement!

The first step was an initial sales consultation which allowed Helmut to layout Ingolstadt Grillschule’s requirements. With the help of Regiondo’s team, he decided on which pricing plan would be most beneficial and then took advantage of its free trial. 

The onboarding process allowed for 1 on 1 training and access to a wide variety of online sessions on each of the features Regiondo has to offer. Helmut decided to integrate the Regiondo booking widget within his own webpage, providing a clear and easy booking path for his clients. The next step? Uploading all the Grillschule’s offers so that people can book! 

Connectivity comes next.  With Regiondo’s Channel Manager, Helmut could increase his sales reach by connecting with over 200 sales channels like Google Reserve and Tripadvisor. 

Once the offers are up and running, Helmut can take advantage of the marketing and reporting capabilities. Not only can Regiondo automate and centralize all client communications, but it can also connect ticket shops to various social media channels – increasing awareness of the brand. Regiondo’s Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking feature also provide ways to continuously improve online performance – leading to more bookings.

Many online reviewers praise Regiondo’s reporting capabilities. From real-time statistics to revenue reports, Helmut is able to make relevant business decisions based on in-depth and concrete data.

The Results

Helmut was delighted to have found a solution that gave him an overview of all of the courses he offered and who had booked for when. Not only does the Regiondo calendar provide a great summary of bookings but it also shows plenty of relevant details – and is lovely to look at! What’s more – all invoices from bookings made via Regiondo’s system provide all of the information required by the tax authorities, making Helmut’s life a lot easier!

As the Ingolstadt Grillschule gained more and more popularity, Helmut needed to use his time wisely. He was impressed that any changes he had to make to his booking platform could be implemented very quickly. If he ever had any questions, the friendly support team members were also there to help. 

By using Regiondo as his online booking system, Helmut and the Grillschule experienced 100% revenue growth in their first 12 months. 

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