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With the new POS system from Regiondo, mobile, fast and simple bookings are child’s play for you and your customers.

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Here’s What You Can Do with POS

Regiondo Touch POS System
Serve customers using a mobile device
This dedicated POS solution allows you to receive bookings on multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Avoid queues with faster service
The touch-based system makes it fast and easy for your team to check-in customers and accept new bookings at reception.
Sell more effectively
With a tablet view, you can show customers each of your offers in one intuitive interface, making it easier for them to choose your best products.

The Booking System Behind the Most Successful
Tours and Activities

Regiondo combines powerful cloud-based software, payment processing and distribution,
all built for tours and activities.

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Your benefits
  • Accept all popular payment methods for easy checkout.
  • Send customer notifications via email and text to reduce no-shows.
  • View live availability at-a-glance.
  • Multiple languages so anyone on your team can be productive.
  • Easy navigation and new responsive tech that allows faster checkout.
  • Secure, cloud-based solution so you don’t lose any data.

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Our target customers are young, active people and they are online all the time.
We use Regiondo to smoothly run our online business and bookings so that we focus on other areas for growth.
Fabian Gasser
Owner, Jumpark

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