How to Boost Sales in Asia with Klook

According to Brand Karma, Asian millennials are expected to spend US$340 billion on international trips by 2020. To address this boom, Klook was started in 2014 and today it’s one of the top online travel agencies (OTA) worldwide. In this post, we’re going to look at what you should know about Klook and becoming a Klook partner.

What is Klook?

Founded in Hong Kong, Klook is a leading OTA with a strong focus on the Asian market. Klook is the go-to place for travelers in the fast-growing economies of China, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong. It’s also popular across destinations in Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Singapore.

Klook’s portfolio includes over 40,000 activities worldwide in 200+ destinations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Although most of Klook’s inventory is positioned in East Asia, it also has a strong position in Europe and covers all the top tourist destinations on “The Old Continent”. So if you’re based anywhere in Western and Central Europe, Klook offers a gateway to Asian tourists with its well-established marketplace.

klook in europe

Some of the destinations in Europe where Klook has a presence.

With nearly 5 million monthly visits, most of Klook’s web traffic comes from East Asia, with Taiwan and Hong Kong leading the way. The United States also accounts for about 5% of monthly traffic. So if you’re targeting these demographics, you’re bound to get exposure on Klook.

klook traffic by country

Traffic sources by country for (data from SimilarWeb)

Why become a Klook partner?

Local team that understands the Asian market
Klook’s 500+ employees come from a range of professional and cultural backgrounds. Their team knows how to sell in the Asian market, including engaging with local influencers and partnering with organizations to reach a wide audience.

Big advertising budget
Despite being a relatively new company, Klook can keep up with big players like Viator and GetYourGuide when it comes to its advertising budget. Founded in 2014, the company has raised nearly $100 million to date from notable investors like Goldman Sachs and Sequoia Capital. Apart from online ads, Klook has rolled out campaigns with taxi companies and billboards across Hong Kong.

Great mobile app for partners
Klook offers a robust mobile app for partners to manage bookings. This means you can be productive and track your sales performance with Klook on-the-go. The app is available for both Android and iOS so practically anyone on your team can use it.

Strong reputation
Klook has a good reputation among leisure businesses and serves notable clients like Disneyland and Universal Studios. If massive brands like these choose Klook to promote their theme parks in Asia, then there’s definitely something that can be learned from the OTA’s marketing team.

How to sign up as a Klook partner

You can join Klook for free by registering on the Klook partner website. After you submit your personal and business details, a representative from Klook will be in touch to discuss your listing further. You can expect a commission fee agreement in the range of 15% – 25% which is in line with most big marketplaces.

If you’re a Regiondo customer, you can also activate the Klook integration in the Regiondo Channel Manager. This way, your existing offers will automatically get listed in Klook. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to activate a new channel. 


With the rapid boom in travel spending among Asian millennials, it’s a good idea to have a strong partner that can support your sales and bookings across destinations like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Klook is the go-to OTA when it comes to selling in Asia and provides a set of great advantages for tour and activity providers that want to step in that market.

With its local team and hefty ad budget, Klook can get you in front of the right audience and effectively sell your offers. The company’s brand reputation has attracted notable clients and partners that prove it’s a great place to list your tours and activities. Klook has gone a long way since it was started in 2014 so it’s exciting to see what lies ahead for this young team.

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