How to Use Regiondo as Your CRM System

When it comes to online marketing you might have already heard about customer relationship management (CRM). But what is CRM exactly? And why should you implement it in your business? What are the advantages of it? In this article, we want to answer these questions and show you how to use Regiondo as your customer relationship tool.

What is customer relationship management (CRM)?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing an organization’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. – Salesforce 

To sum it up, customer relationship management is the interaction between your business and your customers. Like you may know there are a lot of possibilities to interact with your customers and make them happy. A CRM activity could be an email with a survey to get feedback or newsletters to make sure that your customers always know what you are going to do.

Why is CRM important? calls CRM the heart of every growing business. In economics, they call it “the change from an industrial society to a service society”. That means selling your product is not enough anymore. It also means your service could be insufficient. Of course, your product is amazing but now you have to make your CRM amazing too.

But do not worry. We are very proud to support you and your CRM. Before we start to identify ways to use the Regiondo Booking Solution to improve or create your CRM we will check some CRM numbers.

  • Research from Innoppl Technologies shows that the number of archived sales quotas grows up to 43% more with mobile CRM activities.
  • CRM is an extra service and 25% of the customers are willing to pay more for a better service.
  • The biggest challenge to start a CRM is collecting the data (manually)
  • CRM creates a better experience for the customer and this leads to an increasing word-of-mouth rate. 70% of the customers refer activities to their friends and families after a good experience
  • A CRM increases your customer retention rate by an average of 27%!

Starting a CRM opens up many good opportunities to increase sales and improves customer loyalty. So if we checked the numbers we all agree to create a CRM. If you are already a customer of our Regiondo booking solution, you have a lot of possibilities to start right now! If you think about starting with Regiondo, you can easily book a demo with our experts or start right now with our free trial.

How to use Regiondo as your CRM system

You have different possibilities to do your CRM with Regiondo. In general, Regiondo is an amazing base to start with your customer relationship management because of the data you collect and the possibilities of data output. Now let’s take a look at the ways you can improve your customer relationship management.

Automatically import customer data

Your Regiondo booking solution creates a customer database automatically as the fundamental base for all your CRM activities. We collect the data for you and prepare it for successful use. You can also connect with thousands of other tools via Zapier such as MailChimp and Google Sheets.

Use the integrated review system

At first, it might be interesting to know why reviews are important to work with. There are different points of views when it comes to reviews. First, reviews are interesting to know so you can improve your customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty and trust is growing when they are able to read and write reviews because they feel more valued and know that you care about their opinion. Also, you can use Reviews as part of marketing. It’s called “Review Marketing” and includes activities related to customer reviews. So you can catch new customers while showing them good reviews from your current customers and improve your SEO positions in search engines because reviews are part of the mysterious algorithms.

Regiondo has an integrated review system that allows you to collect your own reviews from your customers. The advantage of your own review module is your control of the content, the SEO advantages, and the full integration with your booking solution. Also, you can embed your reviews on your website to show them to your current and future customers. The review module is fully integrated into your Regiondo booking solution. So your customer will automatically receive an email to review your offer and a review reminder if they haven’t replied yet.

In addition to your own review module, you can use TripAdvisor Review Express to collect TripAdvisor Reviews automatically. You just have to connect your Regiondo Dashboard with TripAdvisor Review Express. You also can modify the automatic email which will be sent to your customers.  We built this partnership with TripAdvisor to level your visibility to another level. Nowadays you need reviews to be displayed on TripAdvisor.

With Review Express, you’ll create and send professional-looking emails that encourage guests to write reviews of your business. These emails can be customized with your property’s branding. There’s also a Review Express dashboard that provides in-depth analysis and tracking to help you fully optimize your campaigns.  On average, regular Review Express users see an uplift of 28% in the amount of TripAdvisor reviews for their property.TripAdvisor

If you already decided to build your own CRM with Regiondo, you can read more about the connection between Regiondo and TripAdvisor in our knowledge base

Regiondo review module  tripadvisor review express


Send Automated Emails and SMS

Nowadays, people are used to getting confirmations, reminders, and additional information via email or SMS before an event. Creating such complicated workflows can be exhausting and impossible to do for fast running businesses. Regiondo delivers automated emails and SMS to your customers from the very beginning!

An extract for automated emails and/or SMS:

  • booking confirmations with tickets
  • appointment reminder
  • Review request
  • Reminder for a review request

When you automate this kind of message you will have time to do more important tasks and you can be sure that every single customer receives them if you want. Also, you can design and modify them with the information you want to communicate.

Use Zapier for more integrations

Zapier is a great option to improve your CRM. With the connection between Regiondo and Zapier, you can create thousands of new automated workflows. We talked about sending newsletters as a CRM activity. With this connection, you can create your newsletter management just like you want to.


You can easily connect your Regiondo customer base with your MailChimp account via Zapier. This connection allows you to for example to add every new customer from your Regiondo database to your MailChimp subscription list. So it will be easy for you to send newsletters to all your new customers.


Customer Relationship Management will be more and more important to grow your business. Also, CRM creates trust and will increase your repurchase rate. With Regiondo you will receive a great possibility to start or improve your CRM workflows. A good base to collect your customer data is one of the most important features when it comes to CRM and other marketing activities. With Regiondo you already have that great base and some automated CRM workflows automatically. With Zapier we created thousands of possibilities to extend your CRM and let your customer loyalty grow!

If you have any questions about our booking solution please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Otherwise, book a demo with our experts or try it for free to convince yourself!

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