How to Get More Bookings for Your Wine Experiences with and Regiondo

How to Get More Bookings for Your Wine Experiences with and Regiondo

In recent years, wine tourism has matured as elegantly as a vintage Chianti – witnessing a burgeoning growth that, according to a study by Statista, will see the sector’s market share reach 29.6 billion euros by 2030. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Tuscany to the historic châteaux of Bordeaux, enthusiasts from all over the world are increasingly seeking authentic experiences that immerse them in the heart and soul of the most renowned wine regions.

But as this demand grows, many wineries face a conundrum. How do you effectively capture this fervent interest and convert it into bookings? The digital landscape is vast, and establishing a commanding online presence has become an imperative for industry professionals. Today, it’s no longer enough to rely on the appeal of your terroir to attract new customers: you must also master the art of online marketing.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most effective strategies for increasing the reach of your wine experiences and, more importantly, converting lookers into bookers. We’ll also introduce you to, the leading OTA dedicated exclusively to wine-related tours and activities. So pour yourself a glass and join us on this journey to harness the untapped potential of the digital vineyard.

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence

According to recent research, the majority of travel experiences (including wine tours) are now discovered and purchased online. A staggering 82% of travelers used the internet to plan their holidays last year, with online bookings for niche activities such as wine tastings up 15% compared to the previous 12 months. It’s in this virtual realm – or what we like to call “The Digital Vineyard” – that wineries must stake their claim.

But what does it mean, from a practical standpoint? Firstly, it’s about visibility. A well-optimized website, active social media pages and curated profiles on the leading OTAs like are like the inviting aromas of a freshly uncorked bottle – they draw people in. When customers are searching for their next adventure, a winery with a robust online presence stands out from the competition. This not only introduces potential visitors to the brand, but also encourages them to make a reservation. An easy-to-use booking system, interactive vineyard maps and vivid descriptions of tasting experiences can turn casual browsers into eager participants.

Second, the digital vineyard thrives on authenticity and credibility. In this respect, online reviews and testimonials are the word-of-mouth of the 21st century. In case you didn’t know, 93% of shoppers say they look for feedback from other customers before making a purchase. For wineries, positive reviews can be a testament to the quality of their wine, the ambience of their estate and the richness of their experience. Similarly, responding to negative comments with professionalism and a commitment to improvement can demonstrate a brand’s dedication to excellence.

In essence, the digital realm offers wineries a fertile ground to sow seeds of interest and reap the rewards of increased brand loyalty and bookings. Ignoring this space is akin to leaving grapes unpicked at harvest time: a missed opportunity.

Partnering With OTAs to Promote your Wine Experiences

Partnering With OTAs to Promote your Wine Experiences

In the vast digital landscape where wineries vie for the attention of wine enthusiasts, online travel agencies (OTAs) have stepped in as expert sommeliers, curating and presenting a selection of tours and activities to a global audience. But what exactly are OTAs, and why should wineries raise a glass to them?

OTAs are digital platforms that aggregate and sell travel services, from hotel stays to excursions and, of course, wine tastings. They act as a bridge, connecting eager tourists with providers of memorable experiences. For wineries, this means reaching a diverse pool of prospects that might otherwise have remained elusive.

The benefits of collaborating with OTAs are manifold:

  • Broadened horizons: OTAs typically cater to a huge international audience. By listing on these platforms, wineries can reach oenophiles from Stockholm to San Francisco, all looking for their next adventure.
  • Marketing muscle: Many OTAs have large marketing budgets to ensure their listings rank highly in search engines and appear in targeted ads across the web. For your business, it translates into increased visibility without the burden of setting up and managing your own campaigns.
  • Trust and credibility: Being listed on a reputable OTA can give wineries an air of credibility, assuring potential visitors of a quality experience.
  • User-friendly bookings: OTAs offer a seamless booking experience, with intuitive interfaces and secure payment gateways, further encouraging potential visitors to finalize their purchases. A dedicated OTA for Wine Experiences A dedicated OTA for Wine Experiences

When it comes to being visible on OTAs, wineries often find themselves akin to a sommelier’s choice in a sea of commercial brands – exquisite but overlooked. The truth is, despite the proliferation of online booking platforms, there’s a conspicuous absence of specialized channels catering to the nuanced world of wine experiences. This is where emerges as a breath of fresh air, bridging the gap between wine connoisseurs and exquisite wine experiences across the globe.

Born in 2018, harbors a vision that’s both ambitious and heartfelt – to unveil the world’s hidden wine gems and make them accessible to aficionados everywhere. In their quest, they have successfully charted over 250 wine regions, bringing together +4000 wineries from +45 countries, thus making their claim as “the largest online booking platform designed to wine tastings and tours” undeniable.

For wine experience providers, this platform offers a cornucopia of benefits:

  • Unmatched visibility: With a thriving international audience of 400,000 monthly visitors (according to Similarweb), wineries can expect to receive extensive exposure. The platform’s specific focus on wine ensures that this audience is both relevant and engaged.
  • Fostering growth: is not just a passive platform, it’s a proactive partner. They offer unique opportunities for growth, as evidenced by their commitment to continually expand their global offerings.
  • Cost-effective partnership: Their “list your winery for free” mantra exemplifies their partner-friendly approach. They operate on a modest commission model (the fee is either 15% of the transaction amount for each person or €3 per person, whichever is higher), ensuring that wineries receive real value.
  • Reliability and support: From handling late cancellations to managing bookings, takes the hassle out of administrative tasks. In addition, their content team provides hands-on support, helping wineries by curating their profile and advising on their business development.

Now, while provides unique opportunities to businesses in the travel sector, the path to success becomes even smoother with Regiondo’s Channel Manager. This synergy ensures that wineries not only have a platform to showcase their offerings, but also a streamlined backend system to manage these listings efficiently. It’s a partnership where is the stage and Regiondo makes sure the performances are flawless.

For more information on how to connect your account to Regiondo’s Channel Manager, please visit our knowledge base or contact our support team. is the stage and Regiondo makes sure the performances are flawless

Why You Need a Channel Manager

For those unfamiliar, a channel manager is a tool designed to help companies efficiently manage their online distribution network. For T&A suppliers, it provides a centralized system that synchronizes inventory across multiple OTAs. Imagine having to manually adjust availability on ten different platforms after each booking – it would be a Herculean task that is prone to error! A channel manager automates this process and ensures seamless, real-time updates.

Key advantages include:

  • Avoiding overbooking: With real-time inventory updates, your company can ensure that each slot, whether it is a tasting or a vineyard tour, is booked only once. This eliminates the dreaded overbooking scenario and the damage control that follows.
  • Time efficiency: Manual updates across multiple platforms are tedious and time-consuming. A channel manager frees up valuable time so you can focus on creating memorable experiences for your visitors.
  • Centralized control: From monitoring bookings to analyzing sales performance across multiple OTAs, a channel manager provides a consolidated dashboard that makes management a breeze.

While there are several channel managers out there, not all are created equal. Regiondo’s Channel Manager is designed specifically for wine experiences providers, with an easy-to-use interface and powerful features. It allows you to seamlessly manage bookings from multiple OTAs, ensuring that inventory is updated in real-time. It also provides insightful analytics and reporting to help you make informed decisions to optimize operations and marketing strategies. To learn more about Regiondo, don’t hesitate to book a free demo with one of our consultants.
Why You Need a Channel Manager


The wine tourism market is as vast and diverse as the range of experiences it offers to enthusiasts around the world. However, navigating this landscape to connect with the right audience and ensure a seamless booking experience requires more than just a love of wine – it requires a blend of bold strategies and sophisticated technology.

The partnership between Regiondo and aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where wineries can thrive, grow and connect. This synergy underscores the essence of our beloved industry, where embracing the power of the Internet is no longer a choice, but a necessity for growth and sustainability. So take the leap into the digital vineyard and let the world savor the wine experiences you have to offer.

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