Regiondo, Checkfront, and Rezdy Join Forces to Transform the Restech Landscape


In a landmark move that will redefine the travel and activities industry landscape, Regiondo – the leading booking system in Europe – is proud to announce its partnership with Checkfront and Rezdy. This alliance represents a strategic step towards global expansion and increased market dominance. By joining forces, the three ResTech providers aim to leverage each company’s unique strengths and regional insights to accelerate growth, foster innovation and create a more powerful and comprehensive solution for tourism professionals worldwide. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this groundbreaking move, how it will revolutionize the T&A industry, and the benefits our customers can expect.


The three pioneers

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already familiar with Regiondo. Based in Munich, we launched in 2011 as a B2C marketplace dedicated to experiential travel. Over the years, we’ve successfully contributed to the digitization of the T&A market in German-speaking countries and established a strong presence that spans from Spain to Greece, which led us to open three international offices in Sibiu, Romania; Nice, France; and Milan, Italy. Today, more than 6,000 tour and activity providers use our booking system to sell tickets online, manage reservations and connect with the major distribution channels. Thanks to the love and support of our customers, we’re proud to be recognized as the European leader in the ResTech industry.

On the other side of the world, Australian-based Rezdy is making waves with its disruptive approach to reservation technology. Its highly acclaimed booking software and channel manager has earned the company significant recognition and a formidable reputation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Completing the trio is Checkfront, a Canadian software provider that has made significant strides in streamlining online bookings for businesses in the leisure industry. Since launching in 2010, Checkfront has grown into an innovative tech powerhouse with a strong foothold in the North American market.

Each of these companies brings to the table not only the regional expertise developed in their respective markets, but also their innovative solutions, resulting in a combination of knowledge and technology that is unprecedented in the T&A landscape.


Why Regiondo, Checkfront and Rezdy are joining forces

The motivation behind the partnership between Regiondo, Checkfront and Rezdy is rooted in the shared ambition of each company to expand its influence on a global scale and drive the digitalization of the tours & activities market worldwide.

Let’s take a quick step back. In 2019, Regiondo became part of Jochen Schweizer mydays Group, the leading player in the experience gifts sector for the DACH area. Over the past few years, our company has experienced exponential growth thanks to a surge in demand across Europe. With two-thirds of our current customers coming from non-German-speaking markets, it became clear that the path towards internationalization was an inevitable yet promising course to follow. This is where Checkfront and Rezdy come into the picture.

“Our goal is to create something greater than what any of our individual businesses could achieve alone,” explains Rezdy CEO Chris Atkin. 

Expanding Regiondo’s operations on a larger scale has several advantages. First, it provides a broader customer base, thereby increasing potential revenue. Second, it encourages the exchange of ideas and best practices across different markets and cultures, which in turn leads to innovation. Finally, it promotes risk diversification – if one market faces a downturn, the others can provide a buffer. 

By joining forces with Checkfront and Rezdy, we are able to pool our resources and know-how to create an entity with a global footprint. Together, we can develop even better solutions for our customers and truly make an impact on the T&A industry. 

However, as Oliver Nützel, CEO of Regiondo, points out, “Jochen Schweizer and mydays will continue to be our valued partners and important distribution channels within the Regiondo Channel Manager, while Regiondo customers will continue to benefit from the additional reach that this cooperation brings”.


The impact on the global T&A industry

The partnership between Regiondo, Checkfront and Rezdy promises to be a transformative event. By teaming up with two of the most dynamic companies in the industry, we’ve reached a critical mass of people and resources that will allow us to make a significant impact on a global scale.

We’re confident that this collaboration will accelerate the digitization of the T&A industry worldwide. Individually, each of these companies has already made significant progress in driving digital adoption in their respective markets. As a united front, we are now uniquely positioned to push this process even further. With our combined strength, capabilities and established user bases, we can develop innovative products that make it even easier to run a tour and activity business.

“We believe our companies complement each other perfectly: we have great people, cutting-edge software, and a genuine passion for the travel industry,” says Jason Morehouse, CEO of Checkfront.


Benefits for our customers

One of the key benefits of the partnership is the pooling of knowledge and resources: in fact, Regiondo, Rezdy and Checkfront all bring a deep understanding of their respective markets. As a result, tour and activity suppliers can expect more robust, globally informed solutions without losing the local relevance they’ve come to appreciate.

In particular, Regiondo will continue to operate as its own brand, leveraging its knowledge of the European market to provide personalized support to each of its partners.

“The success of our customers remains our top priority,” emphasizes Oliver Nützel, CEO of Regiondo. “The current management team, consisting of Yann, Jan and I will continue to drive Regiondo’s growth with full commitment.”

Customers can also look forward to a broader range of tools and features thanks to the combined capabilities of the three technology giants. In addition, our joint partner channel networks will help T&A vendors reach a broader audience and increase their visibility in different geographic markets.

In other words, while this is an exciting phase of development and expansion for Regiondo, Checkfront and Rezdy, the focus on providing world-class customer support at a local level remains unwavering.



The partnership between Regiondo, Checkfront and Rezdy is a major milestone in the history of the T&A industry. The collaboration between these three established players brings together a wealth of knowledge, resources and market expertise, promising a wave of innovation and enhanced service for clients.

The future looks brighter than ever for Regiondo. As we embark on this new chapter, we remain committed to supporting our customers and driving the digital revolution in every corner of the world. To be informed regarding the latest developments of our booking system, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. If you’re interested in learning more about how Regiondo can help your business thrive, request a free demo with one of our consultants.New call-to-action

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