Regiondo Becomes a Viator Top Connectivity Partner

We’re pleased to announce that Regiondo is now recognized as a Top Connectivity Partner for Viator.

Viator, which is part of Tripadvisor since 2014, has the simple goal to connect tour and activity providers with their customers.

The top connectivity partner program spotlights booking software providers that offer a seamless user experience and the highest quality of integration with Viator. The is an elite circle of partners as only 5 booking systems can call themselves Viator Top Connectivity Partners. At Regiondo, we’re very proud to now be part of this circle. 

Advantages for Regiondo users 

So what does this recognition mean for you as a Regiondo current or potential user? Let’s look into this in more detail. 

A dynamic booking process 

You will appreciate the real-time exchange of your availabilities with Viator which means overbookings will not be an issue anymore. Everything is automatically synchronized in your booking system so you can focus on your business instead of admin work. 

High reliability  

Cancellations and complaints due to poorly managed schedules will lead to less interest for your business and a loss of part of your customers.  Top connectivity guarantees a success rate of more than 93% for Regiondo users, which means that bookings received through Viator are almost certain to arrive on time in your Regiondo dashboard.  

Responsiveness and efficiency  

With an average booking handling time of less than 3 seconds, you will have almost instant notifications about new bookings. And should it be the case that a customer needs to cancel an appointment, you’ll also be informed instantly about the cancellation and the blocked slot(s) will be released immediately to give other customers the opportunity to book and enjoy a great experience. 

What if you need to inform the attendees about changes in the schedule or just want to send them some additional information? Contact them directly through Regiondo using the traveller protected e-mail feature. This feature enables you to communicate with your customer without needing to ask for the e-mail address of the traveller as there is an anonymized e-mail address created automatically for each customer, which ensures GDPR compliance.

As a summary, these are the main advantages for Regiondo users:  

  • Delight your customers by optimizing your booking solution with a flawless connection to Viator. 
  • Save time by reducing manual processes and focus on other growth levers in your business  
  • Offer a fluent and unique customer experience using timely communication

Start growing your business with Viator and Regiondo now

So, don’t hesitate, take this chance to boost your revenue. All you have to do is to register with Viator if you haven’t done this yet and follow the instructions to map your products

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