How to Become a GetYourGuide Supplier the Easy Way

GetYourGuide is one of the top online travel agencies (OTA) worldwide. With more than 33,000 listings in 2,500+ destinations, it’s also Viator’s closest competitor.

Today we’ll look at everything you need to know about becoming a GetYourGuide supplier. Starting with some background information, we’ll do a deep dive on the reasons why joining GetYourGuide is a good idea. Next, we’ll look at details like how to get support and key contact info. Finally, we’ll explore how to sign up as a GetYourGuide supplier and provide you with a super easy way to do that.

Ready? Let’s go.

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What you need to know about GetYourGuide – the facts

GetYourGuide was founded in Zurich in 2009. Despite this, the main office is in Berlin and they have a presence in cities across the world such as Paris, Hong Kong, and Barcelona.

From a consumer standpoint, GetYourGuide helps you book tours, attractions, and activities from around the world. Its main focus is on providing a relevant and personalized experience to end-users. People can filter results by location and even local landmarks, saving a lot of time in the process.

On the other hand, GetYourGuide’s main revenue comes from supplier commission fees. Therefore, the team is dedicated to providing a robust booking platform and even developed a mobile app for suppliers to track booking activity.

With a network of more than 1,000 distribution partners, GetYourGuide helps suppliers reach a global audience. Apart from the nearly 5 million monthly visits on its main website, it has notable partnerships with travel sites and big airlines like EasyJet, Emirates, and KLM.

Having raised more than $170 million in funding and acquired 2 of its competitors in 2013, GetYourGuide has turned into a global player. However, competitors like Viator are pouring serious cash into advertising so it’s tough to get ahead. With a total market share of just 2-3%, there’s a lot of room to expand for GetYourGuide.

That said, it seems like CEO Johannes Reck and his team are betting on a superior user experience to drive growth. GetYourGuide’s mobile apps draw close to 200,000 monthly downloads combined and boast high ratings, showing consumers are treated well. As a comparison, that number is nearly 4 times higher than Viator’s monthly downloads.


Why become a GetYourGuide supplier

As a commission-only service, GetYourGuide has a high incentive to deliver results for you. The company’s revenue grows with supplier sales so they work hard to get you bookings. How exactly do they do that?

First, GetYourGuide’s global exposure is meant to reach new customers that you otherwise can’t access. You can benefit from the platform’s availability in 22 languages and win more international travelers, especially if your website is optimized for local search only and fewer languages. They are able to reach this audience through their own site and 1,000+ distribution partners across the globe.

Like other Online Travel Agents (OTAs), the main advantage is they do efficient marketing at scale for you. But unlike most competitors, GetYourGuide displays your name along with your offers so people can choose to book directly. That’s a good way to improve brand exposure and increase direct bookings.

Another way GetYourGuide can help you is with their free product optimization and translation services. As mentioned earlier, the company only makes money when you do so they take extra care in making sure you stand out. You also get powerful analytics tools to track the results you’re getting and make tweaks whenever needed.

In addition, GetYourGuide is still independent as they haven’t been acquired by huge brands like some competitors have. Combined with their large funding rounds, they can truly focus on providing a superior user experience without any corporate influences. This gives them the ability to plan for the long-term so GetYourGuide is a reliable partner.

And how are they able to provide such a good service to consumers? Because they don’t include additional travel services like hotel and flight bookings, GetYourGuide’s resources can be allocated to delighting a specific set of customers. This means they can get you in front of a highly targeted and relevant audience, not just general travelers.

Finally, if your offers are not well optimized for mobile phones, you can tag along for the great smartphone apps. This way, you can get in front of GetYourGuide’s growing mobile-first user base without investing large sums of money.

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Activate GetYourGuide and many more channels in the Regiondo Channel Manager. Update your offers and availability from a single place instead of manually going through each listing. Not registered with Regiondo? Start your free trial today.

GetYourGuide supplier support and contact details

One great aspect of being a GetYourGuide supplier is their knowledge base and support. There are clear guidelines for everything from signing up to managing your account and billing information.

And if you have a question that’s not covered, you can quickly get in touch via their contact form. In addition, you can follow GetYourGuide on their Social Media platforms where you can quickly start a chat and track updates.

GetYourGuide commission fees

As soon as you register, a member of GetYourGuide’s team will get in touch to discuss commission rates with you. Fees are based on your destination and the type of activities you offer. Generally, you can expect commission rates in the range of 20% – 30% with discounts for high volume suppliers.

How to sign up as a GetYourGuide supplier

GetYourGuide suppliers range from tour and activity providers to ground transportation, shows, and events. If you offer any sort of tickets or bookable venue, you’re likely a good fit for their marketplace.

Registration is free and takes less than 5 minutes. You will need to fill in your contact and business information to get started. Next, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Keep in mind, however, that there’s no guarantee you will be listed.

You can also start selling on GetYourGuide by activating it in your Regiondo account. This takes a single click and then your offers will get listed on GetYourGuide. In addition, you can activate dozens of other distribution channels and update your offers or availability in a single place instead of manually going through each of your listings.


GetYourGuide is a great supplement to your overall online strategy. As a company with a strong global presence, it lets you reach a wide audience and increase your brand exposure. Their focus on providing a great user experience ensures they can be a reliable long-term partner. GetYourGuide is especially useful if you want to reach mobile users and international travelers. The GetYourGuide supplier support is comprehensive and getting in touch with a rep is easy.

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