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Discount codes are a perfect way to run special promotions, grow profits and attract more customers. In fact, 86% of visitors are more likely to become your client if you provide a discount or offer a promotional code.

In order to help you capitalize on the full potential of coupons, we are thrilled to announce the release of the improved Discount Codes, an important part of the Regiondo booking system. This updates brings new design and multiple usability improvements, lets you automatically generate discount codes, use quick filters and much more! Let’s take a closer look at the recent improvements to understand how your business can benefit from them.

Discounts aren’t just about reducing prices; they are a powerful tool to drive growth in your business. Beyond increasing conversions, they can raise your average cart value, foster customer loyalty, and improve overall conversion rates. Read our article to learn more about the benefits of discount codes. 

New look and feel

The redesigned Discount Codes section can still be accessed right from the main menu (Dashboard → Coupon Codes). In this section you can create a new discount code, view the list of the existing ones, filter or search for discount codes, and export or import them. Enjoy the look and feel familiar to you from the Booking Management section.

Note: In this update only experience products are supported. Discount codes can’t be applied to bundles, add-ons, and value vouchers. Their values are also ignored when calculating percentage discounts.

Types of codes

choose discount codes

In the new Discount Codes, we are introducing two types of discount codes: Simple and Advanced (Buy X Get Y). You are already familiar with the simple discount codes: they are the codes that can be redeemed during checkout. In this update, only simple codes can be used in Regiondo; advanced codes will be available in the next versions – stay tuned!

Automatic code generation

generate discount codes automatically

In this update, you can create your own discount codes or generate random ones. Moreover, you can automatically generate up to 1,000 discount codes in bulk to streamline your processes and save time! To do it, click “Autogenerate”, choose the required amount of codes and a general prefix (e.g., WinterDiscount2024”).


Discount rules and validity

set up discount codes

In order to create discount codes, you need to configure the settings which might be familiar to you from the previous versions. Here you can set discount rules: use percentage or fixed amount discounts, choose discount per ticket or per cart, arrange limited/unlimited redemptions, and apply discount to all or specific products. Additionally, you can define the redemption period during your customers can redeem the code and the event period during which the discounted activities take place.

Discount codes overview


discount code overview

In the new version, we made it much easier to navigate and filter the list of your discount codes. In the table, you get a quick overview of the code name, event period, discount type, discount amount, number of redemptions, product validity and discount status. You can create a customized view of the discounts by drag-and-dropping the columns in your preferred order. It’s also easy to activate or deactivate selected discount codes in a few clicks!

Filter your discounts

With this update, we have introduced discount statuses, which can help you clearly see the validity of your discount codes. The discount codes can be Activated, Deactivated, Expired and Redeemed. If you would like to display only one category of discounts (for example, only activated), you can use the quick filters that can be found on the right of the page.

filter your discounts

If you would like to use more advanced filters for your discount codes, press “All filters”. Here you can set the discount rules and validity to look for the discounts you need. “Save for the next session” option will help you save your filter configuration, which can be helpful if you are constantly using it to find your codes.

Search for discounts

In this version, we have also improved the discount search: you can quickly search for the discount names or prefixes and see the results right away!

Import and export

In the Discount Codes section, you can easily import your existing discount codes to the system. In order to do it, Press “Import”, download template in the .XLS, .XLSX or .CSV format, fill out the templates with your discount code information and upload them to the system.

If you would like to export your discount codes or the information about the customers redeeming them, press “Export” and download the data in the XLS format.

What’s next?

Stay tuned! In the next versions we are going to introduce Advanced discount codes, which help you promote and sell specific products by using discounts.

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