How to Join and Connect with the Major OTAs


Whether you’re an experienced tour operator or a passionate local guide, navigating the maze of online travel agencies (OTAs) can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about the leading OTAs like Viator, GetYourGuide, Klook, and many more. Discover which platform can really help your business thrive, learn the key features of each reseller, and find out how to effortlessly manage your listings across multiple channels. Ready to start this journey? Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Civitatis is the leading OTA in the Spanish-speaking area for activities, day trips, and guided tours. The website hosts over 81.600 activities, which are spread across 3.660 destinations all over the world. According to Similarweb, Civitatis receives an average of 6.6 million visits each month, mainly from Spain and Argentina.

How to become a Civitatis supplier

Civitatis chooses its suppliers according to strict internal guidelines. The criteria involve checking the quality, popularity, and price of each tour and activity. To be eligible for the evaluation process, you must be a professional provider of activities, day trips, guided tours, or transfers. If you fall under one of these categories, you just need to fill out the application form on their official website and wait for the response. If your request is approved, you must confirm the registration by accepting the general collaboration terms.


How to connect Civitatis with Regiondo

If you want to connect your Civitatis account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base.


GetYourGuide (GYG) was established in 2009 and lists 60,000 tours and activities spread over more than 150 countries. Based in Berlin, GYG claims it will find highly relevant experiences for each one of its users. Similarweb reports that GYG receives an average of 23.6 million monthly visits, mainly from English-speaking countries. GYG sets a commission rate between 20% and 30%. The exact fee depends on multiple elements like where the supplier is based, the type of activities offered, and the volume of bookings.

How to become a GetYourGuide supplier

To collaborate with GYG, you need to be a professional supplier of tours, attractions, or other destination services. Furthermore, you must also accept mobile vouchers, provide a flexible booking experience and offer recurrent availability. That said, if you want to become a GYG supplier, providing an amazing customer experience is a must. If you satisfy these requirements, you can fill out the application module on GYG’s website. You will need to specify your company info and your social media pages and/or website so they can learn more about your business.


How to connect GetYourGuide with Regiondo

If you want to connect your GetYourGuide account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base.


Headout is a mobile-first marketplace that helps travelers discover and book tours, activities, events, and local experiences. The company was founded in 2015 and has seen rapid growth over the last few years. Headout is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, India, and the United Arab Emirates, averaging 1.8 million monthly visits.

How to become a Headout supplier

The application process is so simple it can be completed in a few minutes. You just need to reach the Headout Hub website and use a dedicated form to provide a few details about your company and the experiences you offer. After that, your application will be reviewed based on the product offering, reviews, and price competitiveness. If the Headout team thinks you’re a good fit for the platform, you’ll be asked to submit some additional details, and then you can create the first listings straight away!


How to connect Headout with Regiondo

If you want to connect your Headout account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base.

Klook & Tiqets

Klook is a tour and activity OTA with a strong focus on the East Asian market. The company was founded in 2014, and its growth has been boosted by some high-profile investors like Goldman Sachs, Sequoia Capital, and SoftBank. Klook’s name derives from “keep looking,” and that’s exactly its mission: keep looking for the best things to do for all travelers. According to Similarweb, Klook gets over 23.7 million monthly visits, mainly coming from Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

On the other hand, Tiqets is one of the most popular OTAs in mainland Europe. In fact, the majority of its 5.8 million monthly visits come from France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Like Klook, Tiqets was founded in 2014 with the goal of making it easier for travelers to experience the best museums and attractions worldwide.

But why are we talking about Klook and Tiqets in the same paragraph? Well, in September 2022, the two companies have signed a strategic partnership to connect their supply channels. In other words, customers using Klook or Tiqets can seamlessly book experiences offered by either platform. This also means that suppliers working with them can significantly increase their reach with no effort required on their side.

How to become a Klook supplier

Applying to become a Klook supplier is slightly more complex than doing it for one of its competitors. First of all, you need to reach the Klook Merchant Portal and fill out some basic info about your business to create an account. If your application is approved, you’ll have to provide some additional details to complete your company profile.

After that, your account manager will reach out to discuss commercials (including the fees you’ll have to pay). Furthermore, they will give you a content form: fill it out as soon as possible, so the Klook team can start creating your listings. Of course, before publishing them on the website, you’ll have the chance to review them. After you give your final approval, they will finally be set live!


How to become a Tiqets supplier

Luckily, becoming a Tiqets supplier is a more straightforward process: you simply need to apply online from the “Tiqets for venues” portal. The form will require you to provide some basic details about your business, and if you’re given the green light, you will also be asked to provide additional information via email. After that, your request will be reviewed again by the Tiqets team, and if they think your offer fits their catalog well, you will receive access to the Partner Portal. At this point, you just need to create your listings, and you’re ready to go!


How to connect Klook and Tiqets with Regiondo

If you want to connect your Klook and/or Tiqets account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base:


Musement, part of the TUI Group, is a Milan-based company. As you can easily imagine, this OTA is extremely popular in Italy and Germany. According to Similarweb, the rest of its 1.3 million monthly visits mainly come from France, Spain, and the United States.

How to become a Musement supplier

Musement prides itself on offering a “stress-free activity management platform,” and the application process perfectly aligns with this statement. Signing up requires less than a minute: on the Musement Business page, you need to click the “Start now” button and fill out a quick form to open your account. If the Musement team approves your application, you’ll have to provide some additional information regarding your company to start creating your listings.


How to connect Musement with Regiondo

If you want to connect your Musement account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base.


Viator is, without a doubt, the biggest and most famous OTA in the tours and activities industry. Founded in 1995 by Rod Cuthbert, the company was subsequently acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014. Thanks to the acquisition, Viator was able to add considerably more inventory to its listings.

At the moment, it offers over 395,000 bookable experiences across 2,500 destinations worldwide. Viator is wildly popular in the United States, ranking among the 1,000 most visited websites of the year. On average, the OTA gets 35.2 million visits each month.

How to become a Viator supplier

You don’t need to be a large tour operator to join Viator: even family-run businesses and local guides can publish their listings if they have an established online presence. You can send your application for free from the Viator supplier portal.

Once you fill in your business and contact details, a Viator rep will reach out to you via email within 48 hours. They may ask you some clarifying questions; for example, whether or not you have liability insurance.

Please remember that Viator has a standard commission rate of 20%. There are also some incidental charges, like the non-refundable fee suppliers must pay for submitting each new listing.


How to connect Viator with Regiondo

If you want to connect your Viator account with Regiondo’s channel manager, please follow the steps detailed in our knowledge base.


As we have seen, each OTA has its own characteristics and attracts different demographics. For example, Viator is very popular in the United States, while Klook is the platform of choice for East Asian customers. For this reason, working with multiple online travel agencies is the best strategy to increase your sales and visibility. We recommend diversifying your distribution strategy as much as possible: putting all your eggs in one basket could seriously hinder your growth prospects.

However, keep in mind that managing multiple distribution channels – especially when it comes to OTAs – can be challenging. Manually updating your availabilities is a huge time sink, and mistakes can happen. The best way to save time and avoid errors is to use a booking system with an integrated channel manager. These programs allow you to sell your services through multiple channels (including your own website) while automatically synchronizing your availability on each one. They also update your inventory whenever a new booking is made or canceled.

Regiondo’s Channel Manager allows you to distribute your offers through more than 230 online travel agencies and resellers without having to manage each listing individually. This convenient tool will show your availability on all platforms in real time, helping you avoid double bookings. Regiondo also keeps track of how much you sell through each channel, so you know where your offers are performing best. For more information, book a free demo with one of our consultants.

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