The Ultimate Guide to Gift Vouchers for Tour and Activity Providers

In recent years, the travel industry has undergone a significant shift to digital, and gift vouchers have emerged as a powerful tool in this evolving landscape. No longer just a convenient way to send a present, these vouchers have become a strategic asset for companies looking to increase customer loyalty, drive sales and stand out in a competitive marketplace. Consider that the gift card market is currently worth $899.3 billion worldwide and is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2030.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about digital gift vouchers and how tour operators and activity providers can effectively use them to drive revenue and build lasting relationships with their clients. Want to learn more? Then let’s dive right in!

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Why Your Customers Will Love Digital Gift Vouchers

Why Your Customers Will Love Digital Gift Vouchers

Digital gift vouchers, especially those issued by individual tour and activity providers, offer unique advantages that make them an appealing choice for customers.

Convenience: Customers can easily purchase these vouchers online, eliminating the need to visit a physical location or wait for a physical voucher to be delivered. The digital format is especially appealing in today’s fast-paced world, where customers value quick and hassle-free transactions. According to a recent study, 91% of millennials prefer to shop online over in-store.

Flexibility: Gift certificates for a tour or activity allow the recipient to choose when to take part in the experience, so the giver doesn’t have to worry about this important aspect.

The Business Benefits of Offering Digital Gift Vouchers

The Business Benefits of Offering Digital Gift Vouchers

Revenue and cash flow: One of the primary benefits of digital gift vouchers is the potential for increased revenue. When customers purchase these vouchers, providers receive immediate payment, which can have a positive impact on cash flow. This is especially beneficial during slower periods or in preparation for peak seasons, as it provides a steady stream of income independent of direct bookings. In addition, approximately 6% of gift certificates are never redeemed for various reasons, such as lack of time on the part of the recipient. In other words, you’ll effectively be paid for a service you don’t have to provide.

Visibility and online presence: Digital vouchers also serve as a powerful tool for expanding a supplier’s online presence. By offering these vouchers, suppliers can attract customers who might not otherwise have discovered their services. This visibility is amplified through online marketing efforts and social media promotions, helping to build a broader customer base.

Customer loyalty: Finally, digital gift certificates go a long way toward increasing customer loyalty. By providing a hassle-free and efficient way to purchase and redeem vouchers, providers create a positive user experience that encourages repeat business. This convenience is especially appreciated in today’s digital-centric world, where shoppers expect seamless online interactions.

What It Takes to Sell Digital Gift Vouchers Effectively

What It Takes to Sell Digital Gift Vouchers Effectively

Intuitive purchase experience: Ensuring an intuitive purchasing experience is critical. The process should be straightforward and guide customers along the path from selection to payment. A clean, user-friendly website with clear instructions and minimal steps can significantly improve the user experience. The most important part? A fast and easy checkout process. Speaking of which, offering multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal and other online payment methods, will appeal to a wider range of customer preferences. Ensuring that the site is mobile responsive is also crucial, as a significant number of customers (over 50%, to be more specific) make purchases on mobile devices.

Streamlined digital redemption process: Simplifying the digital redemption process is equally important. The process should be easy to follow for both customers and your staff. To achieve this goal, provide your clients with straightforward redemption instructions, including how to use the gift card and book their experience.

On the other hand, when it comes to your employees, a system that makes it easy to review and manage certificate redemptions can save time and reduce errors. This should include features such as a dashboard to track redemptions, automated updates on certificate validity, and tools to handle rescheduling or cancellations.

Integration with your booking system: Integrating digital vouchers with your booking and management system is essential for a seamless operation, so you can track voucher sales and redemptions, and gain insight into customer preferences.

With Regiondo, you can automate every aspect of the voucher lifecycle, from creation to redemption. This integration ensures that vouchers are easily redeemed through the same system that customers use to book their tours and activities, providing a consistent experience.

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Marketing and Promotion Strategies

Online channels: Promoting digital vouchers through online channels is an effective way to reach a wide audience: social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok are ideal for showcasing your gift cards. Regular posts with attractive images or videos of the experiences you organize, special offers and customer testimonials can engage your followers and encourage sharing.

Email marketing is another effective channel thanks to its high ROI (40 euros for every euro spent). Sending targeted emails to your subscriber list with information about your digital vouchers, including any special promotions or limited-time offers, can drive sales. Pro tip: be sure to segment your audience for more personalized communications.

Last but not least, your website is also an invaluable promotional tool. Highlighting digital vouchers on your homepage or creating a dedicated section for them can dramatically increase visibility. The important thing is to ensure that they are easy to find and purchase.

Seasonal and event-based tactics: Capitalizing on seasonal trends and events can increase the appeal of your gift cards. To give you a few ideas, creating special vouchers for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or during the summer season can attract customers looking for timely gifts. For better results, tailor your marketing messages and designs to these occasions so your vouchers will be even more appealing.

Also, consider running special promotions or discounts during these times to encourage purchases. For example, consider offering a limited-time discount on certain experiences or bundling multiple ones at a reduced price.

Collaborations and user-generated content: Collaborating with influencers, bloggers or local businesses can extend the reach of your digital vouchers. Influencers can share your experiences with their followers and provide authentic endorsements, which can be extremely effective if their audience matches your target market.

At the same time, encourage customers to share their experiences on social media and tag your business. This provides social proof while generating engaging content that can be repurposed for your promotional efforts.

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As we have discussed throughout this guide, the key benefits of digital gift vouchers include their ability to attract new customers, generate immediate revenue, enhance online presence and build customer loyalty. On the one hand, the flexibility and personalization they offer make them an attractive choice for both givers and recipients. On the other hand, the integration of these vouchers with booking systems like Regiondo streamlines the redemption process, allowing you to issue and manage them with minimal effort.

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